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You only get one chance to throw the perfect party. First birthdays and 50th anniversaries only come around once, and it is important to give it your all when planning a party for a loved one. Use your one chance to throw a party that your loved ones will never forget by hiring live entertainment. Your child will never forget having party clowns visit him and his friends during his birthday party. Your grandma will be thrilled when an Elvis impersonator arrives to help her cut her cake. Party entertainment can take any Everett, Washington celebration to the next level. It's the perfect way to show your loved ones exactly how much you care on their special day!
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Entertainment in Everett, Washington (WA)

Questions and Concerns When Choosing Party Entertainment

Kids Party Entertainment Appropriate for Ages 7-10

Kids (ages 7-10) enjoy balloon twisters, clowns, caricatures and jugglers. Discuss the age group of the children when selecting a clown for your Everett, Washington party. Professional party clowns will tailor their make up to individual age groups. In fact, professional children's party entertainers work closely with the host to ensure appropriate routines are performed at the party

Length for Kids Party Entertainment

Generally children's party entertainment should last 30 to 40 minutes. Entertainers who do not have an act but entertain with tricks or other activities will entertain by working through out the party and usually up to an hour. Kids party entertainment length is negotiable. The key is to match the party entertainment length with the attention span of the children.

Teenage or Family Entertainment suggestions

Comedians appeal to both adults and teenagers. Many comedians can tailor their act for age appropriateness. Celebrity impersonators are another family entertainment option, especially when the impersonator involves the partygoers. The latest trend in teenage party entertainment is hip-hop dancers. These dancers engage, as well as entertain, the teenagers by teaching them the latest hip-hop moves. To kick it up a notch, add karaoke to the hip-hop dancers; teenagers love to participate.

Adult Party Entertainment Suggestions

Depending on the party theme, celebrity impersonators work well as adult party entertainment in Everett, Washington. Hypnotists or comedians work well for large corporate parties. Really need to get your party entertainment going full force - hire several different styles of entertainers, such as a belly dancers, magicians, and add a few celebrity look-alikes, and your party will be the talk of the town. With limitless options, adult party entertainment is confined only by the theme and style of the event.

General Party Entertainment Information

When hiring party entertainment for your event in Everett, Washington, it is important get all questions and concerns addressed prior to hiring the entertainer. Be sure to get a written contract on all services to be performed and fees required by the entertainer. Any additional or special request made by you or the entertainer should be addressed before hiring and also written in the contract. Be clear on dates, times, and any requirements of the entertainer such as a stage or dressing areas. Discuss contingencies, such as cancellation fees if the hosts cancel the event, what is to be expected if the performer cannot fulfill his/her obligation or does the entertainer have a back up who will perform for them in case of emergency? If an emergency does happen, be sure you have a back up plan as well. Ask for references and check those references before hiring.

Remember having party entertainment really makes your party more impressive.

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