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I Do Weddings Plus Events
511 N. Courtenay Pkwy
Merritt Island, FL 32953
Kimberley Tucker
3217203365 (Local)

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I Do Weddings Plus Events
Merritt Island, FL
    Certified Wedding Planner
    Event Coordinator
    Party Planner
    Wedding Consultant
    Beach Wedding Planner
    Birthday Party Planner
    Bridal Coordinator
    Bridal Planner
    Complete Wedding Planner
    Day Of Wedding Coordinator
    Destination Wedding Planner
    Destination Wedding Planning
    Event Consultants
    Event Planner
    Event Planning Consultants
    Event Wedding Planner
    Party Consultants
    Party Coordinators
    Wedding And Event Planners
    Wedding Coordination
    Wedding Coordinator
    Wedding Event Planners
    Wedding Planner
    Wedding Reception Planner
    Weddings Consultants
    Interfaith Minister
    Ordained Minister
    Marriage Officiants
    Wedding Officiant
    Same-sex Marriage Officiant
    Wedding Beach Officiant
    LGBTQ Friendly
    LGBTQ Friendly
    Partial Planner
    Day of Coordinator
    Wedding Officiant
    Wedding Management
    Custom Ceremonies
    Mini Weddings
    Micro Weddings
    Mini Weddings
    Micro Weddings
    Traditional Ceremonies
    Wine in the box Ceremony
    Mothers Rose Ceremony
    Sand Ceremony
    Sea Shell Ceremony
    Non-Traditional Ceremony
    Destination Weddings
    Cocoa Beach Wedding
    Cocoa Beach Elopement

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Officiants: Interfaith Minister, Ordained Minister, Marriage Officiants, Wedding Officiant, Same-sex Marriage Officiant, Wedding Beach Officiant, LGBTQ Friendly, Custom Ceremonies, Mini Weddings, Micro Weddings, Traditional Ceremonies, Wine in the box Ceremony, Mothers Rose Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Sea Shell Ceremony, Non-Traditional Ceremony
In These Locations
City of Cape Canaveral, Florida
City of Cocoa, Florida
City of Cocoa Beach, Florida
City of Daytona Beach, Florida
City of Melbourne, Florida
City of New Smyrna Beach, Florida
City of Orlando, Florida
City of Port Orange, Florida
City of Satellite Beach, Florida