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5200 Riverside Drive, Columbus, OH 43220 
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  • A Good friend
     posted by Kelly in OH
    Not only did Mebane provide a wonderful heart felt personal ceremony, my husband and I consider her a good friend we will always be able to turn to.
    Great at understading what is important to the couple
     posted by Lindy in OH
    Mebane has performed services for both of our daughters. The experience was amazing for both couples and also for the family. She is great at understanding what is important to the couple and incorporating this into the wedding ceremony itself. For instance, one of my daughters married into a family that owns a large commercial farm. Mebane made many references to harvest, planting, etc., that made so much sense in how it related to God and marriage. She knows how to get the message out in a very real and personal way. Anyone who enlists her services will be more than pleased.
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