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Party Planning Checklists > Bridal Shower Checklist
Bridal Shower Checklist
Let the bride enjoy herself to the fullest at her bridal shower. She deserves one day off from all the hectic planning and stress of the wedding. So, make sure and throw her a bridal shower she'll be truly grateful for with this bridal shower checklist.
Bridal Shower Checklist Example:
Set The Bridal Shower Budget
Determine Who Will Help Throw The Bridal Shower
Decide On A Date For The Bridal Shower
Find A Party Location For The Bridal Shower
Determine A Wedding Shower Theme
Stock The Pantry Shower
Pound Wedding Shower
Alphabet Bridal Shower
Around The Clock Wedding Shower
Find Bridal Shower Invitations
Does The Invitation Provide All The Detailed Information
Have You Set Them Out 4-6 Weeks In Advance
Determine The Bridal Shower Menu
Determine What Shower Decorations You Will Need
Flower Arrangements
Have You Found Bridal Shower Favors
Determine If You Or The Bride Wants To Play Any Bridal Shower Games
Confirm RSVP's