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Need ideas for a corporate Christmas party? Planning a children’s Christmas party? Here are simple but effective Christmas party ideas for the planner who has to please  a ho-ho-whole lot of people.

Now is the time of year when Halloween planning subsides and Christmas party planning takes over. You may be one of those people who attends a ton of these parties every year but has never thrown one. Maybe you're the Christmas party queen or king and people look to you for their party ideas. Well, we've taken some hassle away, whether you're the belle of the ball or the newbie host. These ideas will make planning an office Christmas party or kids Christmas party much simpler.

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas:

Themes are where it’s at for any Christmas party, especially an office Christmas party. Adults need a little incentive to participate and fun themes provide that motivation. Festive themes with an adult twist are big hits, like a “Christmas Cocktail Party” or “Saint Nick’s Pub Party” where guests can enjoy a round of “North Pole Karaoke” and belt out favorite Christmas songs.

Office Christmas party food should be centered around the guests as well as the holiday. Eggnog is always a favorite holiday beverage. A bowl of red punch beside a bowl of green punch is a neat and simple holiday decoration as well. Need ideas or someone to provide the festive treats? Many local caterers create holiday menus for special occasions like office Christmas parties. This takes the strain off of the planner (you); which is like a Christmas gift to yourself!

Corporate Christmas party games are as much fun as they sound. Christmas party games are a chance to bond with coworkers you may not see often. Offering door prizes is incentive to play and to attend. Big or small, door prizes are a surprising boon to holiday cheer.

Keep in mind that departments make great teams. Be careful not to treat the games like team-building activities (even though they are). A relaxed environment and semi-competitive spirit are as essential to Christmas party games as mistletoe is to the decorations.

Children's Christmas Party Ideas:

Want tips for throwing a kids' Christmas party? Take your cues from the little ones. Here are the top ten kids Christmas party ideas that we have found.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #1: Use bright colors in the decorations, foods and giftwrap of any door prizes or presents. Kids love bright and happy colors, such as blue, yellow, orange, purple, green, red and pink.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #2: Take a hint from pop culture for the theme. Look at popular television shows, books, movies, sports and music to decide which theme is right for yours kids Christmas party. For example, if your kids are into The Jonas Brothers, have a "Christmas With The Jonas Brothers" theme. Your theme should flow smoothly between your decorations, music, games and gift choices.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #3: The more candy, the better. Kids love sweets, but their parents may not be thrilled with the idea of a lot of sugar. Please both by thinking outside the candy box for your treat ideas.  A "Gingerbread House Decorating" Party (see below) is a fun place to start, and it puts a limit on the amount of sugar consumed during the evening. Even sugar-free candies go over well with children, so long as they are packaged or presented in an appealing way.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #4: Games rule. If you plan to have games, have lots of them. Children usually have short attention spans, so keep the games short, fun, lively and switch it up often.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #5: Encourage parent participation. Enlisting the help of other parents will prove beneficial once the excitement of the little ones takes over.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #6: Play fun Christmas music. Find Christmas CDs released by young pop stars and mix these with the traditional songs on the playlist. You can also throw in some seasonal favorites from older pop stars for the parents’ ears. Another alternative is to hire musical entertainment for the night and provide them with a list of classic songs you’d like to hear.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #7: Sleepovers make the best Christmas parties. If you’re brave enough to host this kind of children’s Christmas party, your kids will be forever grateful. Get ready for a late night. Don't forget to invite a couple of parents to help, even if they don't spend the night.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #8: Keep gifts and door prizes simple. A $1-5 budget per gift is perfect for a varied group. Children of all ages and family incomes will feel welcome and comfortable.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #9: Have a plan for skittish animals. If you have a pet that is not keen on large groups, have a place for  he/she/they to go during the party. Trust me, this is a rarely-mentioned but gem of a tip.

Kids' Christmas Party Idea #10: Keep it moving. Switch often between playing a game, grabbing a snack or other activities. This will keep the children's attention and prevent parents from hearing the “I’m bored” whine.

Whether your audience falls into the “adults only” or the “you must be this tall to ride” category, hosting a Christmas party for them will be the most delightful (and busiest) part of your holiday season. There’s nothing like watching your friends, family or coworkers line up to play a holiday game and seeing their faces light up like Christmas tree lights. With these simple Christmas party ideas, your holiday hosting will be a night or day full of cheer.

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  4. Christmas Party Themes Says:

    These are awesome ideas! Theme parties are also great for kids! I particularly like the candy land theme. That theme checks out on a lot of these ideas already!