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Use Wedding and Party Network's party ideas and tips to assist you in planning your next party or special event wedding. Have you thought about when to consult a book a location or what you need to host an outdoor event? Everything from "how to keep food cool outdoors" to "how to hire a live band" can be found in Party Ideas and . View our Party Ideas and Tips and remember to check back often; we are always updating our site with the latest tips to keep your party planning efficient and easy. "Been Then – Done That" Share your party or special event ideas and tips.

by Kelly Curtis

Need new ideas for your party decor? Hanging decorations are on trend right now. We're not talking about streamers. We're talking about hanging vases and even chandeliers. By hanging decorations, you are adding another element to your party. You can really get creative with your displays and create varying heights as well as depths to your party. Are you planning on using them for your party? Don't forget to send us pictures at

Planning a party? Want something that's casual, yet formal in the same setting? Why not host a wine and cheese party? These are suitable for both and easy to host. However, are you stumped with what goes with what? This week's party tip focuses on just that.

by Kelly Curtis

Planning a birthday party soon? This can most definitely be a stressful task since you want it to be perfect. So, this week's Inspirational Friday will focus on birthday parties to give you a little inspiration.

It's all about the recipient when planning a birthday party. What do they like and enjoy? Base it around that. For example, if your child enjoys a certain cartoon, it may be a good idea to base their party theme around that. It may not be something you personally like, but if they do that's all that matters. Once you figure out a theme, research all about it. Once you know and understand your theme, you can start picking up details for your party. We hope this tip helps and don't forget to share your birthday party pictures with us at

by Tracy Brengard

My childhood memories of Mother’s Day involve being with family. We would always attend church together, and then in earlier years eat lunch at my grandmother’s house. I especially loved the homegrown green beans canned from her garden, and her homemade pie crust was to die for! When I think of it now, she didn’t take the day off for Mother’s Day. As a matter of fact she probably spent more time than usual cooking and making the day special for everyone else. As the years went on, my own mother continued those traditions, and now that I am a mother, passing down those customs has become my responsibility.

Flowers – A Mother's Day Tradition

One tradition is especially dear to me now. I remember that on Mother’s Day, my grandmother would wear a white flower on the lapel of her jacket. My sister, mother and I would be given a red flower to wear, sometimes a carnation bought at the flower shop or even a red rosebud clipped from the rosebush in the yard.

I remember the year my mother explained that white flowers were in honor of those that had lost their mothers, while those that had mothers still living would wear red. At church in those days, many would wear the flowers and I would scan the room to see the different women and what color they were wearing. My sister and I were so proud when my father would make sure that we had our red flowers to wear. Those are treasured memories.

Start Your Own

This year is a great time to start your own Mother's Day tradition. Here are a few last-minute ideas that will be of some help. Breakfast in bed is almost guaranteed, no matter how hard it is to patiently stay in the bed, pretending to be asleep while you hear the kitchen being dismantled pan by pan. Homemade cards or coupons promising to walk the dog or clean a room are treasured keepsakes. A meal together, prepared with love or enjoyed in a favorite restaurant, provides memories that last a lifetime. What about a beautiful bouquet of flower? Flowers always make a beautiful statement, and can easily become a part of your Mother’s Day traditions.

This year, I am sharing my tradition of wearing red or white flowers on Mother’s Day as another way to honor mom. It’s the perfect way to make moms and daughters feel special or to memorialize those mothers that have passed away.

No matter how your family celebrates Mother’s Day, it is important to remember those traditions passed down from your family.

by Hannah Jackson

This year, instead of focusing on party ideas for Memorial Day let's go a different route. Let's talk about some of the traditions that mark Memorial Day.

Participating in the National Moment of Remembrance

A congressional resolution was passed in 2000 where Americans can pause at 3:00 p.m. local time for a moment of silence. This is a very small way to personally reflect on and feel respect for those who have died for our country's freedoms.

Memorial Day Parades

A more upbeat way to recognize this day is to attend a local Memorial Day parade. Neighbors come together all across the country to remember loved ones with a moment of shared entertainment.

Wearing Poppies

The tradition of wearing red poppies on Memorial Day was inspired by the 1915 poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrea. A war worker pledged to wear a silk red poppy to "keep the faith with all who died." This has now become a tradition in the United States, France, Australia and so many other countries.

Review Family History

This is a great time to find out new information on people in your family who have served or were close to other family members who served. These stories are always beautiful and may give you a bigger sense of your place in your own family. You can rummage through old pictures, journals, or whatever else you discover from that period.

Whether you're family or not, Memorial Day should be more than observed; it should be a dedication. It should be a dedication that we all share to the people who have faced and braved more than we can want to imagine. It takes guts, but if you know of anyone, anyone, who greets Memorial Day personally, hug them. Let's do something for them, no matter how small. That's the best way I can come up with to celebrate Memorial Day.

by Kelly Curtis

Planning a beach themed party this summer? Here are a few tips and ideas that will get you started.

  1. Use sand pails as your servingware. You can even use shovels to serve the food with. Just a cute added little detail to your party.
  2. Serve some ocean water, which is just a punch that is blue.
  3. Provide shades, as in sunglasses. These make adorable party favors.
  4. Use inflatable or plastic pools in an innovative way. How? As a place to serve drinks. You can put a ton of ice and drinks in there and don't have to worry about leaking.
  5. Use Golden Oreos to create edible sand. This would be adorable to put underneath your food.

We hope these ideas help and you have some fun inspiration for your beach themed party. Don't forget to send us your party photos at

by Kelly Curtis

Hosting an outdoor party can be a daunting task. There are so many elements you have to deal with. This week's Party Tip focuses on 5 tips that will help you be a fabulous host of outdoor parties.

by Kelly Curtis

The big night is coming. It’s the peak of your high school life, and it should be perfect. If you have your dress, you’re ready to pick your flowers. Your florist is ready to take a look at your colors and create a corsage and boutonniere just for you! Here are the top trends in corsages and boutonnieres (don’t forget the boys!):

Classic Style

Popular prom flowers are much the same varieties as wedding flowers, as prom is usually a romantic night spent dressed to the nines. Roses and orchids have topped the prom flower list for a very long time and don’t seem to be going anywhere. Pair them with classic fillers, like baby’s breath, for a time-honored look.

Mix It Up with Succulents

Dare to be different! Succulents are funky and fun, and highly varied in style. It’s easy to pair succulents with either flowers or other succulents. Combine them with pearls and jewels for a modernly elegant look or vintage lace for rustic charm. The best part is that succulents require very little care, so you can keep your corsage and boutonniere for a long time after the prom.

Add a Little Bling

One of the best ways to stand out is to sparkle as much as possible! Your florist has incredible varieties of bling to choose from. Beaded and rhinestone cuffs can be combined with jewels, lights, pearls and glitter to create a custom corsage that will show up brightly under the prom night lights.

Alternative to the Wrist Corage

Seeing wrist corsages all over the dance floor and in every magazine photo…and not really feeling it? Ask your florist about floral jewelry and hairpieces. There’s lots of inspiration out there for floral necklaces, rings, belts, headbands, hair picks, and even flowers for your handbag. Flowers can be incorporated into just about any sort of wearable.


Consider going with your date to pick out flowers. On one hand, it’s a joy to be surprised by your date’s pick. But on the other, it’s also really fun if you perfectly match! Bring fabric swatches or photos of your outfits (taken in natural lighting for the best color match) and be the most coordinated couple on the floor.

It’s your special night. Whatever you want, you should have. Your choice in flowers will reflect the person you’ve become over your years in school, and your florist is ready to create your vision! Try to give plenty of prior notice – remember, your classmates are heading to the florist shop, too. Make your prom night the most memorable night of high school life!

by Kelly Curtis

Tissue flowers are literally great for every occasion! Whether you are planning a wedding, baby shower or any type of party, these are perfect for event decor. They come in various colors and styles so you can find the one that best matches your decor. These are even a fun little DIY, which you can find here. Planning on using tissue flowers in your decor? Share with us how you used them.

by Kelly Curtis

Don't underestimate the power of a checklist. It's essential to any party planner. Start creating your checklist atleast 2 months out. You can start with a basis and then add to it when you think of new things. This makes sure you have everything in line the day of. Trust us, it'll make your life a little less stressful.

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