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Use Wedding and Party Network's party ideas and tips to assist you in planning your next party or special event wedding. Have you thought about when to consult a book a location or what you need to host an outdoor event? Everything from "how to keep food cool outdoors" to "how to hire a live band" can be found in Party Ideas and . View our Party Ideas and Tips and remember to check back often; we are always updating our site with the latest tips to keep your party planning efficient and easy. "Been Then – Done That" Share your party or special event ideas and tips.

by Kelly Curtis

Want a fun DIY for Valentine's Day? Wedding and Party Network searched Pinterest for some great ideas that are perfect for your Valentine party. We've found some great ideas!

i should be mopping the floor

How cute is this garland? It's simple, yet is an adorable addition to the home or party for decor.

The Crafted Sparrow

We love this idea of fortune cookies for a Valentine's Day card or even would make a great party favor! It's so unique and you can even put fun personalized messages inside.

At The Picket Fence

This mug is so adorable! Another great DIY to do as a gift or even a favor as well.

All of these Valentine's Day DIYs are so great for the holiday and can easily be incorporated into your home or party.

Thanks to i should be mopping the floor, The Crafted Sparrow, At The Picket Fence

by Hannah Jackson

If you'll be the one in the kitchen this year during the Super Bowl, here are some easy yet super delicious appetizers to make for the big game, along with a few ideas on how to display your food in a unique way.

  • Bacon Wrapped Potatoes: Cut small, gold potatoes in half, wrap each with half a piece of bacon, and roast. These are so easy and will have your house smelling extra yummy.
  • Mini Ranch Burgers: Their name says it all, and the ranch will give these burgers a nice zest.
  • Pita Chips and Hummus: Simple, healthy, and a good break from the traditional chips and salsa.
  • Homemade Chicken Nuggets: These are not your kids' beloved chicken nuggets–although they are a very healthy alternative! Coat your chicken with crunched up pita chips and Parmesan for an unexpected flavor boost and great texture.
  • Nacho Bar :  This will give everyone plenty of options to build their own nachos. You can do a variety of chips to match whatever dips you choose to prepare. If possible, the dips could match team colors!
  • Build-Your-Own Sandwiches: Meats, cheeses, condiments, and mini sub rolls make this appetizer a filling one. Everyone will love being able to customize their own delicious creation.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries: If you're needing a sweet option, dip strawberries in milk chocolate, then use white chocolate or white icing to draw stitching on them like a football.

Fun Super Bowl Party Food Display Ideas

Football Field Table Cloth: Aside from the actually football game, it's all about the food table. Transform it into a football field with green felt and white ribbons for the 10-yard lines.

Chalkboard: Set up an over-sized chalkboard behind your food table with the words, "Ready, Set, Eat!" written on it. Or have someone who actually knows a thing or two about football draw a game play on the chalkboard. This is a super easy back drop that can even be interactive as your guests come up with their own football puns to write on there throughout the party.

Watermelon Helmet: This one requires some explaining and a skillful hand. By hollowing out a watermelon you can make it into the shape of a football helmet, fill it with fresh fruit, and watch everyone be amazed at your creativity.

Team Colors: If there is unanimously one team that you will all be rooting for, customize your food table to reflect the team's colors. You can do this with the actual food and also by setting out pom poms, jerseys, flags, or other gear you and your friends may have.

Throw a delicious Super Bowl party this year with delicious, yet simple appetizers. Your guests will be blow away by your set up as well.

Are you planning on hosting any outdoor parties this year? Everyone loves them, but there are problems that arise. One example is bugs! Not only are they a nuisance when they're biting you, they're also swarming around the food. Have you ever thought of placing your food in cookie jars, mason jars or any time of decorative container with a lid? Having a lid ensures the bugs stay off the food and you also have a fun way to display your food.

by Elizabeth Cooper

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday. This means, you and your sweetie will be rested after you sleep in, and then you’ll have the whole day ahead of you. Here are some ideas for filling that time with new memories of love.

Get Your Chef On

Valentine’s Day is the night of crowded restaurants, full of couples vying for privacy. Instead of braving the masses, stay at home with a nice meal that you made together! Pick out a recipe that suits you both, shop for the ingredients together and spend a chunk of your Valentine’s Day in the kitchen with some wine and music that you both like.

Tip: Take turns doing the not-so-fun jobs (like washing dishes and cleaning kitchen messes) so both of you get a shot at the actual cooking.

No one is left out for long periods of time, you get to take advantage of an all-day V-Day, and you end up with delicious food (or even mediocre food, but it’s definitely made with love.) Win-win.

Time Travel

What brought you together? What was your first date? If you’ve been together (or at least have known each other for) a good while, you’ve probably got some set activities that you like to share. Perhaps you both love video games, movie theater outings, or a certain restaurant or club. If your first date was dinner at a certain place, go there for dinner on Valentine’s Day. A certain movie? Rent or stream it. Recreate your first date and make some new memories from it.

Tip #1: One new memory could be a Valentine’s Day gift, like a piece of jewelry or a rose, tucked into the dessert at the restaurant.

Sending Flowers: Still A Classic

Don’t let the idea of a Saturday holiday stop you from sending flowers. In fact, take advantage of a week of Valentine’s Day by having an arrangement delivered the Monday BEFORE! The flowers will sit on your sweetie’s desk and remind them that you love them all week long. Your florist is happy to deliver early and help make your love the envy of the office – or if the flowers go to their house, the neighbors.

Tip: Don’t forget to place your order well in advance!

Valentine’s Day is special, and it only comes around on the weekend but rarely. Take advantage of it!

by Hannah Jackson

With an entire year of parties behind us, another one has begun and it's never too early to start planning for a celebration. Sit down with your calendar and figure out which holidays & events you have for 2015. Once you have your 2015 calendar planned, take some quick and easy steps to make sure you begin the year ahead of schedule.

Planning is Key

A party can be overwhelming if you don’t plan in advance. Start your planning by blocking out an afternoon by spending quality time with your calendar. You will guarantee the holidays won’t sneak up on you.

By thinking this early, you can start shopping early for decorations, start finding vendors and even give the kids a little excitement.

Make a Brainstorm Notebook

This notebook will be where you can store ideas and inspiration, guests lists and to-do lists. With it all in one place, you will know where to put your ideas when you feel inspired. Simply write down a handful of key words about what you are planning to do for each holiday so you don't forget any ideas that come to mind.

Lock Down a Theme

Perhaps one of the first things to do after marking down the holidays that you'll be planning for is deciding on a theme.

For example, if you want to plan something for Mother's Day or Father's Day, ponder the special people you will be celebrating. What are things they enjoy? How can I incorporate that into their celebration?

Another example is if your child wants a Batman birthday in August, you have enough months to slowly accumulate party items such as themed plates, cups, gifts, etc.

If you know what direction you are going in, then you can easily start buying the perfect items for your event.

Start a Party Fund

Start setting aside money for your celebrations in the year ahead. It can go towards any festivity you have planned for the upcoming year. Small amounts of money here and there will make a huge difference if unexpected expenses arise while you are in the thick of planning. Keep adding to it consistently and the fund will be particularly helpful during the year.

These party planning tips will truly help your events be the best they can be in 2015! Happy planning and don’t forget to share your parties with Wedding and Party Network.

by Kelly Curtis

Party cakes are one of the main highlights at any event. People actually look forward to see the design of the cake and especially to taste it. So, you don't want to let your guests down. This week, Wedding and Party Network's Inspirational Friday will focus on party cakes.

Always keep the theme in mind when deciding on the type of cake you want for your party. Even gather inspiration from Pinterest or use Wedding and Party's photo gallery. You can take your ideas to your bakery and discuss what you are envisioning. They may have some great ideas as well. From 3d cakes, multi tier cakes to a simple cake with fondant, there are unlimited options out there. Find one that sticks to your theme, and of course tastes well.

by Kelly Curtis

Each month, Wedding and Party Network will be bringing to you a DIY of the month. For the  month of January, we're focusing on painted bottle centerpieces. Easily customize these bottles with the color of your event and place beautiful flowers in them to create a great centerpiece.

What You Need:

  • Bottles
  • Paint
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Newspaper or an area you can work with paint on


  • Step 1 - Clean bottles thoroughly. Remove any labels and wash the inside.
  • Step 2 - Pour paint in bottles.
  • Step 3 - Swirl the paint around to evenly cover the entire bottle
  • Step 4 - Let dry.

These bottles are SO easy to DIY. However, they are great accents to any party as centerpieces.

Do you ever get stressed out when you are entertaining at your house? Whether it's a small get together or a huge event, it can still be very daunting. That is why Wedding and Party Network is offering 5 party tips for a stress-free event.

  • Simplicity is key – Not every event you host has to be over-the-top. Sometime simplicity is key. Just focus on a few things and do it well.
  • Focus on your guests – Enjoy their company. It's about the company and time you spend together.
  • Mix & match – Mix it up a bit with the linens, dishes and chairs. Not everything has to match perfectly. Create an interesting scheme by mixing prints and colors.
  • It's Okay – It's okay to order take short cuts. No one has to know. If you need to have a few of the items catered or reuse party decorations, do it.
by Hannah Jackson

Need some last minute holiday activities for the children? There are many ideas out there and you may have lost track of time in the middle of shopping, baking, and holiday parties. So, Wedding and Party Network has some ways to get quality time in with your kids.

CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT CRAFT – If you're looking for something indoors for your kids to do, go to your local craft store and buy some plain clay ornaments for them to decorate. They can use paint, stickers, glitter, and any other supplies you might have on hand to make a special ornament for your tree. This is a great way to add something special to your tree each year.

$10 SHOPPING SPREE – Teach them about the spirit of giving by taking them to a dollar store nearby with $10 and letting them pick out presents for the people they love the most. Try to pick a theme, such as personal care or a specific color, to make it easier.

GO FOR A RIDE – One of my favorite childhood memories about Christmas was when we would hop in  the car and look for Christmas lights around town. Certain neighborhoods typically go all out with lights on their property, and everyone can pick their favorites. Make sure to find a good radio station with Christmas music during your adventure!

Christmas is just days away, so spend some quality time with your children this holiday with these great activities! Merry Christmas!

by Hannah Jackson

When my niece turned three in August, there was no question what theme she wanted for her birthday party. My sister-in-law, Liz, outdid herself making her little girls' dream come true. Here are a few of the ways she made it happen.

The Decorations

Cotton balls were hung by fishing wire at the entrance of the kitchen to resemble snow falling. Using a leftover box, Liz made a snow-topped mountain with more cotton balls. She chose a blue and pink color scheme, representing the characters through each color that also made good contrast with the “falling snow.”

Party Food

Placed in front of some of the food that Liz prepared were place-cards with movie quotes relating to the type of food they accompanied. For instance, in the movie one of the main characters, Anna, sings about wanting to shove some chocolate in her face. Liz made delicious Oreo balls with that quote in mind. You could also make snowballs to coincide with the theme. The ones I am thinking of are basically marshmallows, chocolate, and coconut.

Break for a Game

After everyone was finished eating, kids were wrapped up like Olaf, the quirky and lovable snowman in the movie. You can buy cheap rolls of toilet paper, line the kids up and have the adults wrap them up from head to toe. The game was super simple, but it was a big hit. There was lots of laughter so you know it was a good activity!

My sister-in-law took her daughter's love of 'Frozen' and created a cozy little place in her home for us to envision ourselves as a part of this beloved movie. We even got to take our character-specific cups home as party favors. By incorporating little details, you can make your kid’s themed birthday party extra special.

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