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Use Wedding and Party Network's party ideas and tips to assist you in planning your next party or special event wedding. Have you thought about when to consult a book a location or what you need to host an outdoor event? Everything from "how to keep food cool outdoors" to "how to hire a live band" can be found in Party Ideas and . View our Party Ideas and Tips and remember to check back often; we are always updating our site with the latest tips to keep your party planning efficient and easy. "Been Then – Done That" Share your party or special event ideas and tips.

Being outdoors during the summer is a given.  With the heat, a cold drink is one of the best things to relax and cool down.  Here are four ways to keep your drinks cold without the usual cooler.  

1.  Keep bottled and canned drinks cold by freezing some water balloons and placing them in a bucket or container.  This is a fun way to keep a summer vibe alive at the party.  Plus, you can have a water balloon fight with the left over balloons! 

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by Jamie Woods

S’mores are a classic summer treat.  There’s nothing quite like sitting around the campfire, lighting your marshmallow on fire, and blowing it out before smushing it between chocolate and graham crackers.  Have your guests saying, "S'more please!" with a s’mores bar!  

There’s only one flavor of graham cracker, right?  Wrong!  There are several different flavors of graham crackers, including cinnamon, chocolate, and chocolate covered.  You can also use different kinds of cookies to make your s’more base.

Marshmallows have evolved over the years.  The classic white, sugary goodness has been joined by many flavors.  They even come in different shapes and sizes!  You can find strawberry, chocolate, and other seasonal and specialty flavors.  

Peanut butter cups, caramel-filled chocolates, or white chocolate bars make excellent additions to s’mores.  There’s nothing wrong with the classic chocolate bar either.  You can also use peanut butter, hazelnut, or other spreads for a unique layer of flavor.  

A s’mores bar is a great way to add new flare to a traditional treat.  The possibilities are almost endless.  Now, go grab some roasting skewers, or sticks, and get to cooking!

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by Jamie Woods

Keeping everyone cool in the middle of July can be a chore.  A pool party is a great way to cool down, but safety is also a must!  Here are a few tips to help keep your pool party safe and fun!

1. Life Jackets and Floaties
Not all children know how to swim, or can’t swim very well.  This applies to adults as well.  Keep some extra inflatables around so everyone can have a good time.  You can find these in almost any shape and size, so if you have a theme, match them to it!

2. Supervision
Everyone wants to have fun at a pool party.  Make sure that happens by having plenty of supervision.  There should be at least two adults present at all times, possibly more depending on the amount of kids.  If you know a child can’t swim, keep them in the shallow end.

3. For Adults
Nothing beats the heat like a refreshing drink, just don’t have too many.  Be responsible, and use caution.

4. Sunscreen
Sunburns are not fun, and can cause more damage down the road.  Slather on the sunscreen (at least SPF 15).  Make sure to reapply after long breaks, or if someone towels off.

5. Hire a local lifeguard if needed.
If you are worried about having enough supervision, consider hiring a local lifeguard.  They are trained, and most probably wouldn’t mind making a little extra money.  This can take some of the stress off of you and allow you to enjoy the party!

Pool parties are a great way to celebrate in the summer.  These kinds of party don’t need an occasion, and everyone will have a blast!  Enjoy the fun, be safe, and stay cool!   

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by Laken Watts

If you are searching this blog for party ideas, chances are you already host lots of parties. Maybe you are looking for new fresh ideas? Here are some small touches you can add to your next party to help break up the monotony of just the mundane, run-of-the-mill get together!

Chocolate Dipped Spoons
These are so easy and so fun! Simply heat your favorite chocolate over a double boiler and dip the spoon in. Line the spoons on parchment paper and pop them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Store in a cool, dry place until ready to serve with your favorite hot drink. Use plastic spoons for more casual night or try your fine china to really wow your guests! This sweet treat will add a special touch to your party.

Photo courtesy of My Baking Addiction

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by Jamie Woods

Food, fun, family, and fireworks.  These are what come to mind when someone mentions the 4th of July.  Take your BBQ to the next level with these fun Independence Day party ideas.

The 4th of July is all about tradition.  Nothing gets more traditional than grilling out during the summer.  Fire up the grill and get ready to throw on some tasty morsels.  

Choose meat and veggies that are simple to prepare, but will turn out perfectly.  Grab some corn on the cob, potatoes, or any fresh vegetables that you like, wrap them up in foil with your favorite spices (and a little butter) and place them on the grill with your meat.  The foil will save you time on cleanup and cooking everything on the grill will keep the kitchen cool.  Grilled chicken breasts basted with bbq sauce, or ribs with a dry rub are always wonderful.  Don’t forget that hamburgers and hotdogs are a never-fail crowd pleaser also.  For dessert, wow your guests with a beautiful red, white, and blue cheesecake cake, or use fresh strawberries and blueberries to make a more traditional flag cake. Continue reading "Independence Day Party Idea" »

by Laken Watts

Planning a party can be overwhelming at times. Our best piece of advice is to get organized on the front end, and save frustration at the end. Here is a quick checklist to help you start planning for your next party!

Five Weeks Out
Invitations! These days, snail mail is thing of the past and e-vites are so much more simple. You can create amazing invitations online and email them or even text them! Start planning and creating your invite five weeks out from your party, and get the invite sent within the next week. The ideal time to have them sent is by four weeks from the date of the party. Try websites like hobnob to plan your event and invite people through text! They can respond right on their phone. They even have an app for your smart phone! Continue reading "Party Planning Tips & Tricks" »

by Hannah Jackson

Ever wonder how to plan the perfect, yet simplistic, activities for your kids to enjoy with their dad on Father's Day? Here are some ways to ensure that they get that sought after quality time on Dad's big day.

Breakfast Date
Start the day off at Dad's favorite breakfast place. The break in routine is refreshing and it will fuel you up for any other activities you have planned for the day!

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by Rachel Brantley

This Father’s Day plan a celebration that your whole family will love. Father’s hold a special place in our hearts. They shower us with love, give the best hugs, and always provide guidance. Show your dad how special he is this year with a Father’s Day party. Whether you want to have a small get-together or a large family reunion, your dad and party guests will love these fun ideas.

For the outdoorsman
If your dad enjoys nature, plan a surprise weekend camping trip filled with outdoor adventures. He will have fun being away from the office and spending time outdoors with the family he loves. Coordinate the trip in secret with close relatives so that your dad doesn’t figure out the plans. Research different hiking trails, plan some fishing excursions, and of course don’t forget to bring the s’mores. He will appreciate the amount of time and effort it took to plan a weekend getaway.

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by Laken Watts

Springtime has hit and celebrating outside is way more fun than staying indoors! Check out these three fun parties we have lined up for you today.

Promotion Celebration
A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of celebrating a big promotion with a friend. The weather is beautiful in Utah, so naturally for the celebration we set a beautiful table out on the garden patio and enjoyed the weather. We used simple place mats and napkins for linens and had a fancy dinner under the lights! We had a blast enjoying good food, good company and victories in life. Here are the details:

On the Menu—Honey Glazed Spiced Table, Garlic Roasted Asparagus, Strawberry Spinach Salad and big chunks of Artisan bread. Strawberry Jello Cake for dessert. Cucumber Lime Spritzer, and French Mules for Signature drink.
Decor—Rattan red place mats, red, yellow and white striped napkins, white plates, silver flat ware, clear glasses. Yellow tulips from the garden in a glass vase. SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE!

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by Laken Watts

When did it become okay for us to stop celebrating birthdays? Some of my favorite memories are of my summer birthday parties at the swimming pool. At Wedding and Party Network, we believe in celebrating everything, especially adult's birthdays! Here are a few ideas to celebrate those special grown-ups in your life.

For Men…
Adults definitely don’t get celebrated as much, but guys really get the short end of the birthday party stick. The dads and husbands in our lives really deserve so much celebration! So this year, why don’t you take a whole Saturday to celebrate your man? What are the things he loves? Organize something big, with all of his friends. My favorite idea for a manly grown up birthday party is a whiffle ball tournament. First invite all of his best friends, then you gather the supplies (whiffle balls, bats) and create a bracket for the day! Men love a good competition. Afterwards, grill burgers and hot dogs and celebrate the victory with his favorite sweets!

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