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by Leigh Morrisett

Some bachelors do not want a typical bachelor party; they want a more subdued party. My suggestion is something along the line of an Asian inspired party.

Food: All Asian and all yummy. I suggest going with Chinese food because most people are familiar with this type of Asian food as opposed to Thai, or Korean. But by all means if you want to go full Asian, select a few dishes from each style of Asian cuisine. Chinese food ideas are: pot stickers, fired rice, Mongolian beef, and so forth.

Decorations: Decorate with red:  red balloons, red table cloths, red plates. Everything in red. Add in a few dragon symbols and posters and if you can find some swords. (All men love weaponry right? These can be for play (kids swords) if things get a bit wild, or they can be real swords (just for decoration.)

Entertainment: Rent some kung fu fight movies or even some Godzilla movies.

Drinks: Buy some Asian beer and sake and set up a drink sampling area where the bachelor party goers can sample the different beers and wines of Asian countries. You'll also need some non-alcoholic drinks as well such as green tea (oolong teas will do just fine) plus some sodas and water.

Dessert: Fortune cookies of course. I suggest making your own or employing a bakery shop do make some but insert your own fortunes. Typing up the little fortunes makes them more personal. Suggestions for fortunes: "You will have a wedding in your future", "Happiness is love", and anything you can think of that will add a personal touch will be great.

And to end this great bachelor party, give the bachelor a matching set of kimonos, one for him and one for his bride to be. This is a fun but non-traditional more subdued party that all can enjoy.

One Response to “Asian Inspired Bachelor Party”
  1. Stella Martin Says:

    These are great ideas to celebrate a bachelor party which is also called a stag party.I think in this idea all the things are perfect but a game session is what we are missing.