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by Juli Jackson

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Why not show your mother how much her love and support means to you? Host a sweet relaxed bunch on Sunday morning that she will be smiling about for years.


Would your mother enjoy a family meal or a bigger celebration with friends? Want it to be a ladies only affair or husbands and children too?  No matter who is on your list, inviting your guests a week or two in advance will help everyone make their holiday plans. By mailing individual paper invitations, you are sure to get your guests attention and create a special timeless atmosphere before the party even begins. If you decide to go for convenient emails instead, make sure the word gets to everyone on your list and no one misses a message.

Pick A Theme

For brunch, the dining table is your party's focal point and the fun details are where you can be creative. Make an inviting tablescape by selecting a fitting theme.

  • Casual County – A classic gingham tablecloth brings some down home harmony. Blue and white speckled camp tableware is a nice touch. Create a rustic table runner from craft store burlap and use clean metal coffee cans to display cutlery. Contact a florist for a lovely centerpiece with prairie favorites like white daisies.
  • Tea Party – There is something about tiny cups and saucers that are so prim and proper! Dust off your grandmother's tea service, bring out the good dishes and the rarely used lace tablecloths to create a dainty formal look. Check for pearl-like beads at your local party supplier to drape across vases and candlesticks.
  • Shabby Chic – Get the feel of French countryside at home with vintage tableware paired with white lace doilies. Plain white material torn into strips can be tied in bows around vases, chair backs, or displays. The frayed edges say "worn" but white bow says "pretty." Use mason jars to present essentials and tie cloth napkins with jute twine.
  • In The Garden – Bright colored plates and cups compliment the blooming springtime. Use terracotta pots to hold utensils, wooden plant markers to label place settings and food, and inexpensive seed packets with beautiful illustrations for table accents. A basket with vegetables from the garden makes a perfect centerpiece.

Extra Tip
Take a trip down memory lane.

With any theme, add in some family photos that feature

all the moms, grandmothers, and great grandmothers.

Set The Table

It is so nice to all sit down at the table together. To make for a more enjoyable brunch, select dishes and drinks that can stay on the table during the meal and won't have you running back and forth. We love this spinach gruyere quiche for an entrée with a side of sausage links or bacon. It looks amazing and is easy to serve. By making these items ahead of time, you can go straight from a warm oven to the table to make for a stress-free event.

In-season fruit like pears, grapes and apples paired with gourmet cheeses is a crowd-pleaser. Add unexpected bursts of flavor by offering fresh herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, and dill. Arrange the leaves and small sprigs right on your platter to encourage experimenting.

Try this recipe for an elegant white wine sangria. A large pitcher looks so refreshing, is perfect for sipping, and gives you a great excuse to make a toast to your mom. Bonus points if she tears up.

And for a special treat, offer a pretty confection or cake to finish on a sweet note. A local bakery will work with you to create a custom cake or provide an assortment of fresh flaky pastries that no one can turn down. Serve with cups of hot coffee to close out your morning. Don't be surprised is some of your guests are so relaxed and happy that they linger!

Extra Tip
Spring weather is unpredictable.

So if you plan to set up outdoors, have an indoor space ready to make

a quick transition if it starts to sprinkle or turns chilly.

Your mother will intimately know the work that goes into planning a successful party.
She will never forget your thoughtfulness on this Mother's Day
and will feel pampered and loved the entire time.
And you'll be happy because you know she deserves it!

Spinach and Gruyere Quiche via Once Up A Chef, Sangria Punch via Mama.Mommy.Mom.