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by Leigh Morrisett

After prom parties are popular for many reasons, mainly because many teens aren't ready to call it a night with their friends.  By hosting an after prom breakfast, you provide a safe place for the teens to hang out after prom.

First thing to do is to set guidelines with your teen. Discuss what is acceptable at the party and what is not acceptable.  Some parties go on all night. While others have a cut off time for everyone to leave and go home.  Take time to talk this over with your teen and if possible get a few other parents involved.  Make the time period and guidelines for the party known well in advance of the event.  This can be done with the party invitations you send.

You can go all out with your decorations or you can be very minimalistic. Either way, you will need to decide whether to go with the prom theme or in a different direction all together. If you want to change it up, try a pajama party theme.  All the teens can come to the party location and change from their prom wear into pj's (you might want some guidelines for acceptable attire).

Deciding which type of food to serve is simple.  Any Breakfast food will do: eggs, bacon, bagels, fruit. Buffet style works best for these types of food and hungry teens. You may want to have several carafes of flavored coffees available or other drinks such as orange juice, milk and soda. To add pizzaz include a chocolate fountain. If you're hosting a party for a huge crowd of prom goers, you'll need to rent warming dishes and other tableware.  Of course, the most convenient way to serve the food is to hire a caterer.

An after breakfast prom party is a wonderful way to extend the prom in a fun and safe way.  It is also a way for them to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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