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In the modern bridal wardrobe the dress comes first, then the veil or headpiece, and next are the shoes.  But what part, if any, did shoes play in the past?  The idea behind tossing the garter or the bouquet came from the times when brides were treated as property and guests would rip off pieces of her wedding gown to ward of spirits, and in hope to bring themselves good luck.

As brides became less like a piece of property, brides took to throwing their shoes.  Then, as time passed, brides began throwing their bouquets.  I suspect the change came because of two reasons: shoes are expensive, and bridal bouquets hurt less when you're hit by them. In Egypt brides were considered property of the father. The father of the bride would give the groom the bride's sandals signifying that groom now has possession over her.

In jolly old England, the tradition of  something blue was done by wearing blue shoes. Queen Victoria in 1840 is credited with being the first famous bride to wear white shoes.

I am told that an old tradition in Armenia is catching on again.  Some one steals one of the bride's shoes, and the maid of honor and the best man have to pay a ransom to get the shoes back so the wedding can take place. Another old Armenian tradition is one where the bride writes her bridesmaids' names on her shoes, and as each gets married she cross their name off.

Shoes have played a supporting role in weddings since weddings have taken place.  I suggest one thing, whether your going with an old tradition or doing something non-traditional,  you should at least be comfortable.