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by Hannah Gonzalez

Summertime is perfect for capturing a great portrait. By taking advantage of the weather, your location possibilities are endless! While not everyone is as photogenic as the next, these photo tips can help you capture the perfect shot!

The 3 Keys To A Dynamic Portrait

  • Good Lighting
  • Creative Locations
  • Great Poses

Body language speaks loudly about one's character, especially in a picture! With a little practice and confidence, you can create a beautiful and unique picture.


  • Lean slightly toward the camera to give your face more definition
  • Tilting your head back gives an attitude of  "punk"
  • Tilting your head back to the "high" shoulder expresses a fun and flirty look
  • Tilting your head down toward the "low" shoulder express power
  • Find the best angle and work with it!


  • Look slightly above the camera
  • Smile with your eyes, but don't squint


  • Create  a natural smile, not showing too much of your gums
  • A three-quarter smile is perfect
  • Think of something funny, your first crush, go ahead and laugh a little
  • Keep your smile as natural as possible; A forced smile can make you look stiff


  • Pull your shoulders back and suck in your stomach slightly
  • Turn your body 3 quarters toward the camera


  • Hold arms slightly away from body
  • Keep elbows slightly and naturally bent
  • Girls, fingers should look long and elegant
  • Guys,  hands should be slightly fisted


  • Tilting your hips forward will make you seem more slender


  • Standing with legs hip width apart give an air of strength
  • One leg should hold your body weight while the other leg is bent or extended behind like a graceful dancer
  • Feet at different angles or heights will add more depth
  • Standing 3 quarters toward the camera with one foot pointed toward the camera will make you seem more slender

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Stand in front of the mirror staring at your self a for a few minutes, watch how your face changes with each emotion. Try different smiles, angles, attitudes and see what works best for you. Be creative and let your personality shine! When you are ready for your portraits, contact a photographer in your area and arrange a time and location. Go with what is natural, think happy thoughts and be confident. You will be happy with the end results!

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