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Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Mandy Maxwell

Volume 1 Issue 5

5 Tips For Throwing An Outdoor Wedding!

It's that time of year again when wedding ceremonies head outside into the hot summer sun. Women trade heels for sandals and men forgo their jackets. Everyone feels happier, more relaxed, and ready for a breezy ceremony in the sun.

However, taking a wedding ceremony outside, away from the air conditioning, lighting, and even a roof can create some seriously sticky situations. Rain, excessive heat, or a swarm of bugs can quickly turn a picture-perfect memory into one you'd rather forget. But don't worry! There are plenty of ideas to keep you cool and calm on your big day!

1. Time of day. Generally, morning is the most humid time of day, while mid-afternoon is the hottest. This is particularly important if you're planning a midday ceremony. Try to avoid noon, when the sun and humidity are both at their peak and shade is at a premium. Instead, consider a sunset ceremony. As the sun goes down, heat and humidity will go with it, leaving plenty of shade and comfort. Also, with the rich sunlight off to the side, your wedding photos will look stunning!

2. Decor. What works inside doesn't necessarily work outside. Candles, flowers, and other decor can all be doomed when it comes to summer weather. Take candles, for example…

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Kudzu Catering Delivers Soul to Every Party!

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Jerry Bell Photography Captures the Special Moments on Your Wedding Day!

With the advancements in digital photography, just about anyone these days can snap a photo. However, it takes a true expert to capture a moment. We all know it's the special moments that make an event memorable: the moment the groom sees the bride, a quiet moment between newlyweds or a split second of pure joy. Jerry Bell Photography in Fort Worth, Texas, knows how to find…

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Jessica's Bridal: Bringing Your Dream Wedding Dress to You!

If you walk into Jessica's Bridal and Formal, you will walk out with the wedding dress of your dreams. It's that simple. With over 5,000 square feet of shopping, how could you not? Jessica's Bridal and Formal of Bay, Arkansas, offers excellent customer service to make your shopping experience everything you hoped for. Whether you have been dreaming …

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