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by Molly Young

Your recruitment theme will shape every aspect of your chapter's recruitment events. Are you sure you're choosing the right one? Wedding and Party Network has noticed a few theme habits which may hurt your recruitment efforts more than you know. Take a look at these 5 commonly made mistakes and make sure you're sorority recruitment theme will put you ahead of the game.

1.  Don't Follow Trends, Make Them

There are plenty of Greek twists that have been incorporated in with the latest trends. While these cute designs make great chapter shirts, they may not make the best recruitment theme. Ask yourself a few questions. Has this trend been popular for a month or longer? Is it overly exposed on social media sites? Have other sororities on campus used it? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should probably avoid the theme. It may seem novel at first, but it will ultimately come off as unoriginal. Your sorority should be a trendsetter, not a follower.

2.  Choosing a  “Classic” Theme

We all recognize the classic Greek recruitment themes. They are all fun party themes which come with clever Greek slogans and cute Pinterest crafts. Despite their readily available resources, they're often noticeably insincere. Each come with their own clichéd message which can be fitted to any sorority. How can your chapter stand out when you choose an impersonal theme? You need something unique and identifiable with your chapter to turn heads during recruitment.

3.  Keeping Up with the (Insert Rival Sorority Here)

Take a look at the other campus sororities. Recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Once you see how you compare, choose a recruitment theme which will play off your own strengths. Most importantly, if the neighboring sorority next door make incredible feather centerpieces, do not try to make incredible feather centerpieces. Make your own way with your recruitment events.

4.  Utter Theme Chaos

There is a difference in following a recruitment theme and suffocating guests with it. Before you choose a theme, because there are plenty of products to match it, make sure it doesn't come off as cheesy. Use your recruitment theme as an accent to the event. You are not having a party to celebrate your theme.  You are having a theme to compliment your party.

5.  Disregarding Your Ideal Chapter Image

The saddest thing to see is a brilliant recruitment theme hosted by a sorority nothing like it. I cannot stress the importance of knowing your image enough. Your sorority should know not only your campus image, but your chapter’s ideal image before ever going through recruitment. If you want to sell your sorority to PNMs, then sell your sorority, not a pretty theme. Simply put, don't be something you're not.

A recruitment theme is the best marketing device to show what your chapter is all about. If you're unsure of your next step, talk with your local party planner. They will be able to give you tips on local vendors and maybe even share some ideas. With their help and with these tips in mind, you're ready to create the perfect recruitment theme.