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Ask The Celebration Advisor:

Help! Do You Have Any Ideas for a Disney Themed Bridal Shower? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely – Katherine

The Celebration Advisor:


A Disney bridal shower sounds like such a fun idea! You can easily come up with such an elegant bridal shower that is Disney themed, even though you may think it could turn out looking like a kid's birthday party. First decide which route you want to go. Do you want to go with Mickey and Minnie or a princess themed route? Here are some ideas for both,

  • Disney Princess Themed Shower – A Princess themed bridal shower should be centered around a tea party. Theme each table after a Disney Princess. For example, for Ariel, create an under the sea theme table or for Cinderella, use the castle, blues and silvers for inspiration. Serve petite fours and play games that lets guests guess release dates in order of Disney films. Don't forget a "throne" like chair for the bride where she can open all her goodies.
  • Mickey & Minnie Themed Shower – Of course, red and black should be the colors of this shower. It doesn't have to be over-the-top Mickey and Minnie. Talk with your local florist and let them know what theme you're going with. They can create elegant arrangements in black and ride and even incorporate hidden Mickeys into the centerpieces. You can then create cute Mickey and Minnie cake pops, cupcakes, and cakes for this shower.

Hope this helps!

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