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43 Grand Meadow Crescent, Edmonton, AB T6L 1A3 
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  • Butterfly Release's are great for weddings, new baby's, christening events, showers & more...


    However, during the winter months the temperatures must be suitable for a release.


    Our butterflies are typically availabe for releases for all types of special events from late May to early September.


    WE SHIP ONLY IN CANADA! If you are looking for your butterfly release company than you have found the most recommended company.

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  • Create an Unforgettable Moment with Butterfly Wings-N-Wishes
    Thursday, March 28th 2013 - Posted by Kelly Curtis
    Butterflies have always been a symbol of new beginnings, transition, and renewed hope for the future. They are unique and a memorable way to celebrate any special occasion. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday, graduation party or retirement, butterfly releases create an unforgettable moment. Butterfly Wings-N-Wishes has just what you're looking for and more to create a beautiful memory for any event.

    Wedding ButterfliesButterfly Wings-N-Wishes is a company dedicated to conservation through education, as well as creating a memorable moment for special events. They started out small, but have grown so much over the past few years!  Now offering a multitude of services, including presentations on butterflies and insects, decomposers, and reptiles & amphibians. On top of this, they do butterfly releases for weddings and special events.

    Releasing butterflies at your wedding would truly be a memorable moment that signifies the start of your new life together. Choose from various packages that are best suited for your day such as:

    • Packaged butterflies in individual release boxes so each guest can release a butterfly and make a wish

    • Their butterflies can be released from one or two large decorated boxes to fly together

    • Decorated flight cages are available for releasing two butterflies from a rose bowl to create a romantic atmosphere

    • Choose from monarch butterflies, painted lady butterflies, wedding butterflies or swallowtail butterflies

    There are many reasons to release butterflies. Not only is it a momentous occasion, but it truly does signify a special beginning. Maybe it's the start of a new life together or a brand new year, regardless of what you are celebrating releasing butterflies at your event signifies something amazing.

    Butterfly Wings-N-Wishes in Edmonton, AB is ready to supply you with gorgeous butterflies for any special occasion. Just watching them fly off makes for an unbelievable moment.
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  • Nice Lady
     posted by Jace in BC
    Very nice lady to work with and the service exceeded her kindness
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