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by Kelly Curtis

We all love getting outdoors when we have the chance, especially hosting parties outdoors. However, being outdoors can bring some unexpected turns when hosting parties outdoors. If it's the weather or bugs or you just want to spend more time enjoying your party than running around worrying about everything, we've got some tips that will help you along your way.  So, Wedding And Party Network is here to give you 6 helpful tips when hosting an outside party.

Tip # 1 – Make This Party Your Own: When hosting a party, make sure you make it unique and it represents you. Throw your own little twist on your party. If you love butterflies, incorporate them into the party. Guests should walk into your party and immediately recognize that this is YOUR party. Remember, it is your party, so enjoy it!

Tip # 2 – Provide A Signature Drink: Guests will absolutely love this idea! Make your favorite drink your signature drink with a name that fits the theme of your party. Since it's outdoors, serve your favorite margarita or lemonade recipe. Guests will enjoy it and by naming it something funky, it'll stand out even more.

Tip # 3 – Be Weather Ready – Being outside brings the unexpected nature of weather. Weather truly is unexpected. Make sure to plan accordingly and be ready for anything. Be ready for the heat with fans or be prepared for cooler weather with heaters. Also, another thing you must plan for is rain. Be ready to move your party underneath tents or to move it inside. Just be ready.

Tip # 4 – Make Food Simple – You don't want to be running around your party trying to make sure all the food is fresh and tasty. Be prepared ahead of time with this. Make sandwiches before hand, like make your favorite sandwich spreads and place them in cute serving bowls. That way it's easy for people to just spread something on their bread. Especially easy for you to make it a day ahead of time, wrap it up and take it out of the refrigerator so it's ready for service. Prepare in advance or have your local caterer prepare some fresh and delicious finger foods. It gives you more time to enjoy the party.

You can even put fun spins on your outdoor party food. Host a fondue party on the grill or let guests grill up their own food. Let them create their own hamburger or grilled skewers with their own vegetables and meats. They'll absolutely love this and appreciate the fact that they get to pick out their own food.

Tip # 5 – Skip The Fine China – Instead of bringing your fine china outside where it can break, re-purpose old plates. Combine your plates with bamboo ones for more of an outdoor theme. It beats using plastic plates or paper plates and will jazz your outdoor party up more.

These are 5 party tips for hosting an outdoor party that will make your party truly unique and run smoothly. By being ready and on your game, you will get to enjoy the party even more. Plus, your guests will love all the unique details and getting to spend more time with you.

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