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by Kelly Curtis

This is our last day of cake week and today we are talking about all the unique ways you can display your cakes, cupcakes and favors! Sure you may have tasty desserts at your special event, but displaying them in a unique way is even better. It'll grab the attention of your guests and make them question if that is what they think it is. So, for our last day of cake week we are going to talk all about fun ways that you can display special treats!

Cupcake Trees – Of course, most everyone has heard of cupcake trees. However, play them up and make them unusual. Make the tiers round, square or a unique shape. Make them your own. A display that will represent the theme of your wedding or event. If you use a cupcake tree, incorporate the elements of your wedding or even into it.

Use ribbon or scrapbook paper for the cupcake tiers to incorporate your wedding colors or party theme into it. Make it an odd shape, start with the smaller tier first and get bigger as you go up. Or create a tree out of your cupcake tower, where it actually looks like a tree. There are all sorts of unique things that you can do with a cupcake tower, just get creative!

Flower Pots – Yes, flower pots are great ways to display cupcakes! It can serve as a centerpiece, delicious treat and even a party favor. As part of our cake week videos, we are giving you a how-to video on cupcake flower pots. They sound so adorable, right? All you need is a styrofoam ball, cupcakes, flower-pot and icing.

Bake the cupcakes like you normally would, ice them like you normally would or put fun designs on it and stick them into the styrofoam ball with toothpicks. Arrange them like you normally would flowers in a centerpiece. To fill it the gaps, ice green icing in them to make it look like grass or actually use Easter grass. It makes for a fun display!

Vintage Cake Stands –Vintage cake stands are so divine for any party. You can find them in various colors with unique designs that would be great for a shabby, chic wedding or event. Use different colors and designs and pair them with different textured and colored cakes. Make a table completely dedicated to cakes with vintage cake stands. It will truly be an attraction at any wedding or event.

Replica – Another fun idea that you can do when using cupcakes is actually make a replica of something. This would be ideal for a special event or birthday party. Just bake cupcakes, ice them in the colors that you want and get to creating. Place them out on the table to resemble a flag or a flower or even a pirate ship. These would be great as birthday cakes!

For example, use pink cupcakes for the petals, yellow cupcakes for the middle and then green cupcakes for the stem and leaves. All you have to do is make sure you have enough space on the table and lay the cupcakes out in that design. It's like you're drawing a flower out of cupcakes!

If you're really creative, carve a design out of styrofoam or even wood. Use toothpicks and icing to hold the cupcakes in place on the 3D sculpture. How fun would that be! Maybe your son loves race cars, well make him a race car out of cupcakes! It would truly be a unique sight to see!

These are just 4 ways that you can display cakes or cupcakes at your event and each one is so unique and creative! Your guests will be wowed at each display! Not only will they receive delicious cake, but they'll have a unique presentation to look at. Presenting your sweets in a fun way truly adds to your event. With one of these displays, your wedding or reception will be one to remember.

cake stand photo provided by LOLren via flickr.