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by Kelly Curtis

Are you ready for some football? Maybe not, but you may be ready to watch the infamous commercials and eat your weight of party food. This year the Superbowl falls on February 3rd. What will you be doing for your Superbowl party? Want to try something that's new and different from the years before? Wedding and Party Network has a few party tips and ideas to make a winning Superbowl party!

Superbowl Decorations – Want ideas for easy party decorations? Turn everything into footballs. Use card stock to create footballs. You can wrap sodas, water bottles, or juice boxes with brown card stock and add white lines to create a football look. You can also get cute cupcake wrappers that are football themed as well.

Make your food table the focal point of the party. This is where you can get really creative. Create pennants with the team names that hangs over the table, place a green table cloth to create a football field, place football balloons around the food table, and talk with your local florist to see if they can create a football inspired centerpiece. It's not all about the decorations for this party, it's definitely about the food. However, having a few party decorations are a must.

Gameday Food – For a Superbowl party, it's all about the food! Here are some fun ideas that will definitely be a hit, and taste good as well:

  • Chili – This is always a great staple piece. It's easy to cook, easy to serve, stays warms in a crockpot, and you can create a chili bar with all the toppings to go with it. However, another cute idea is to serve it in mason jars so it's easily portable and won't spill.
  • Buffalo Wings – These are definitely a necessity. They come in all types of flavors, so a fun idea might be to offer several for people to try. Or, you can even have a buffalo wings cook off amongst your friends that you invite.
  • Dips – Dips are always a must for any party. They're easy to eat and you can serve a variety of them. Cheeseball, hummus, salsa, cowboy caviar, spinach and artichoke dip, or dill dip all make for great appetizers to serve for the game.
  • Pizza – Instead of just ordering pizza, why not create gourmet pizza? You can really get creative with this and even have guests create their own with their favorite toppings. Have the pizza crusts all ready to go. Next, let your guests put on their favorite sauces, toppings, and cheese.

Make your gameday party a success by offering up delicious food paired with some fun party decorations.

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Buffalo wings & Football cupcakes photo are provided by Lydiat & mrjoro via flickr.