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by Kelly Curtis

Want a fun party theme that every one of all ages will enjoy? There are many themes out there but one that everyone will love is definitely a glow party. Even adults can have fun with this one and the kids will just eat it up. Wedding and Party Network has a few tips and ideas in creating a fantastic neon glow party.

Neon Party DecorThis is where it's at when you're having a neon glow party. Your party must be decked out in all things that glow. Where do you start? First off, make black your base color. Find black table cloths and black paper to make that your backdrop for the walls and tables. Next, find black lights. Black lights are great to place on walls, underneath tables, or just about anywhere you would like.

The final key components in creating a fantastic neon glow party is finding great glow sticks and accessories. You can find all kinds of glow sticks at your local party stores. There are necklaces, bracelets, glasses, earrings, glow sticks in all sizes and colors, glow cups, stickers, and many more items. Just find the right items that work best for your party. Place the glow sticks underneath the black table cloths, around tables, in vases, and just anywhere you think needs a glow stick.

You can also find great neon party accessories, like party plates, cups, napkins, servingware, and utensils. Place these items next to black lights and they'll glow even more!


Glowing Food – What sort of food do you serve at a neon glow party? Anything you want. Do you want it to be a fun party with a bit of sophistication? Consider serving tartlets, smoked fish, lettuce wraps, crab rangoon dip, various dips, or a tortellini salad. However, if you just want it to be all about fun and being laid back, you can always serve up delicious finger foods.

For desserts & drinks, serve up neon colored desserts. For example, pick your favorite cake or cupcakes and then just add food coloring to create a glowing look. You can also add some fun glass candy that is colored as well, colorful cookies, and fun candy. Again, find great neon servingware and place it next to a black light to make it glow! If you add tonic water to any punch recipe, the drink will glow! Get creative with it!


A glow party is just a fun time and party theme for everyone to let loose and have an unforgettable time! So, get to glowing!

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