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by Alyssa Tate

What better way to celebrate our freedom than with a get together with friends and family? There are plenty of ways to decorate your home in order to invite guests over and Wedding and Party Network has a few tips on throwing together a great 4th of July party.

  1. The easiest thing to start with would be the staple 4th of July decoration: you guessed it, the flag! You can find little flag replicas all over stores, like your local party store. Start with placing a flag in your yard, or hang it from your porch.Throughout your house, you could use them as part of table centerpieces. There are endless options. You could also buy streamers and ribbons in red, white, and blue throughout the house. What about a decorative, festive 4th of July wreath? It's a great way to welcome guests into your home. There are such fun ways to decorate for this red, white and blue holiday!
  2. Food! Food is important at any party, and the best thing about this kind of party is that you can theme it!  Try making star shaped cookies with cookie cutouts, cover them in red or blue frosting and use white sprinkles. (This could be a fun family craft for the kids to enjoy, too!)Also, have red and blue popsicles around: not only is it festive, but it's hot outside! The popsicles will help everyone to cool off. Food is such a fun way to display your patriotism.
  3. If you really want to spice things up, make some refreshing cocktails for the adults, or keep them alcohol free for the kids to enjoy, as well! Mix up some red punch and throw in some blue colored ice-packed stars. You can easily incorporate the theme of any part in with drinks and they keep everyone cool.

With our simple tips, you'll throw an amazing party with festive decorations! Everyone will want to be back at your place next year, and maybe even the next!

Searching for a picturesque location for your wedding? If you are located near Cedar Hill, Texas, or anywhere in the Dallas area, Na'Kayshions Wedding & Event Center is your picture perfect venue.

Multiple Wedding Venues In One Location

Do you dream of getting married in a classic white chapel? Or saying your vows in a lush garden overlooking a serene lake? Is dancing the night away in an elegant ballroom on your must-do list?

On 5 immaculate acres, you'll find a historic chapel, lakeside garden, grand ballroom and new terrace on the lake providing 4 timeless wedding venues to choose from. With packages that are a fit for every bride's budget, you will be able to plan a perfect event with a lifetime of memories.

Wedding Planning Made Easy

Take the stress out of the happiest day of your life! Na'Kayshions offers incredible packages that include everything from decorations to lavish cakes and invitations. What about an extra day for photos or a projector and screen for your tribute video? Add these options to your completely customizable package to help build a flawless event that is just what you are dreaming about. Whatever your budget, you will have the best options when selecting Na'Kayshions.

Beautiful Touches for a Memorable Day

You'll also find beautiful touches to truly create a memorable day. With a wedding DJ, dance floor, and creative up-lighting all available with the venue, your reception will be the most fun you can remember. Just picture dancing the night away under the beautiful lights in the grand ballroom. You'll never forget stepping into the grand ballroom or historic chapel filled with family and friends and decorated in your wedding style.

Also, imagine the fairy-tale experience of arriving to your ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage or even riding into the sunset to wrap up your anniversary party. Carriage rides can also be added to any of the available packages and are sure to give an unforgettable touch of magic.

Choosing "The Best Kept Secret in Dallas" for your celebration venue means a gorgeous relaxing experience for you and your guests. Na'Kayshions Wedding & Event Center delivers it all with style!

Great parties only happen occasionally, and for that, you want to be transported to a place that is anything but ordinary. At every memorable event, the decor helps create a unique atmosphere. Well, BeYond Balloons can create imaginative balloon sculptures that make a big impact and set the tone of your party to give your party that exciting atmosphere.

Best Time For Balloons

Based in the Oklahoma City area, BeYond Balloons has been adding life to parties for years at every type of event you can imagine. We all know balloons can be bright, whimsical fun, but in the right hands, the options are endless. You can go for elegant and transformative, playful and exciting, modern or traditional to truly transform your event.

Let their work engulf you in a beautiful moment by surrounding your wedding reception with gravity-defying balloon topiaries. Make a special birthday for a young child full of delight and wonder with their favorite characters and zany shapes. Celebrate a milestone anniversary with twisting garlands of silver or gold. At a trade show or sales event, balloons create a friendly inviting atmosphere that will draw potential customers in from across the room. There are so many events that a fantastic balloon design from this company can make extra special.

A visit to their website shows the variety and imagination they can create. The stories and positive reviews of their craft will be sure to make you smile.

Make It Easy And Functional

Balloon art can lighten up a small room, add interest to blank spaces, designate event space, and easily fill large empty areas. As decor, balloons are completely multi-purpose. Not only do they convey your theme and tie the room together, balloon creations create perfect photo backdrops for you and your guests to look your best and take home those happy memories.

With any event you are planning, these creative professionals will design within your budget and provide a set-up you will love. Imagine the freedom you'll have to focus on planning those other important details, meaning you can actually enjoy the party worry-free since you'll have time to focus on other aspects of the party.

Also, no more dreading the end of the night when you have to clean up because the balloon breakdown will be taken care of!

Let BeYond Balloons design an unforgettable piece of art that will make your party more than just a party.

by Alyssa Tate

Cinco De Mayo is a spanish holiday held on the 5th of May each year, and celebrates the Mexican army’s' victory over French troops in the Battle of Puebla. However, for many it is simply a day to celebrate the mexican culture.

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With Style

Parties are a great way to get together and celebrate, but how does one go about decorating for this holiday? Why not celebrate with a festive fiesta. Here are a few tips to help plan and decorate for this holiday:

  • Be festive with some brightly colored party invitations with the word "fiesta" printed on them.
  • The Spanish are all about bright colors, so choose some brightly colored tablecloths and bowls. These are good for chips, salsa, and other finger foods.
  • Don't forget photo props! A fun way to keep guests entertained is with a homemade "photo booth." Just grab some small banjos, guitars, maracas and sombreros to create that Mexico feel. Provide cheap, disposable cameras for guests to take pictures on, and have them create copies of the prints for you to keep in a keepsake album.
  • It wouldn’t be a fiesta without some lively music. Play tropical, Spanish style music to create a beachy, party environment.

Parties and celebrations are fun no matter what the occasion! Just remember to spice up the party with tasty foods, sweet beverages, entertaining music, games, and fun things to do. You'll be the best party host ever!

by Rebecca Hoskins

These famous words begin the greatest two minutes in sports. The Kentucky Derby has been a traditional horse race held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Folks flock to this Kentucky town to watch the two-minute race and share in the celebration that traditionally includes roses, hats and mint juleps. We may not ever be able to join the folks in Louisville, but we can create our own celebration steeped in tradition to share with our friends. A few enthusiastic friends, some mint juleps, hats, roses and appropriate food are all you need.

How To Celebrate The Derby At Home

I like to give six couples a week or two notice that we will be celebrating the Derby at our home. This gives the ladies time to find a hat or embellish one they already own. Notices can be sent by text or email. If you want to be real fancy, handwritten invitations are the way to go.

If you are only sending five or six invitations, it isn't that much trouble. The note might read something like this:

" Please join us on Saturday, May 4 at 2:00 p. m. for a Derby Day party. We will be serving mint juleps and traditional Derby food. Ladies get your best hats ready. We look forward to having you enjoy the race with us. Best, Jane and John Doe "

Starting your celebration at 2:00 gives your guests plenty of time to enjoy libations and food while visiting before the 4:00 race begins. The men in the group may even want to make up a betting pool, but I always leave that to them. Men always seem to know better about those things.

On to the Libations and Food…

I am fortunate to have 12 silver mint julep cups. Well, actually 4 of these are what my mother referred to as Jefferson cups, but the size works here. If you don't have any silver, glass is the way to go as glass julep cups are used at the official Kentucky Derby.

Now, the key to a mint julep is to use crushed ice. I don't crush it myself as a local fast food outlet will sell a 10 lb. bag to me for a couple of dollars. Mint is a must have for this drink and I also grow mint in my yard, but you can get this at your local grocery store. The mint julep makes this party truly festive.

Mint Julep

Serving Size: One Mint Julep

Crushed ice

2 tbl. mint syrup (Recipe Below)

2 oz. good Kentucky Bourbon

Chill glasses.  Fill with crushed ice. Add 2 tbl. mint syrup, 2 oz. bourbon. Stir and serve. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Mint Syrup

2 cups granulated sugar

2 cups water

1 bunch of mint

Combine sugar and water in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes without stirring. Remove from heat and pur over a handful of mint leaves and crush with a spoon. Cool and refrigerate syrup overnight in a closed jar. Remove mint leaves. Will keep in the refrigerator several weeks.

Serve this traditional drink with pimento cheese sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches and I like to do something substantial like ham and biscuits. The pimento cheese can be made 4 or 5 days ahead, as well as the spread for the cucumber sandwiches. The ham can be cooked several days ahead and set out to come to room temperature. The biscuits can be cooked early in the day (I use the frozen ones and they are great). If you feel the need for something sweet, lemon bars can be made ahead and will be a good addition.

It is always wise to serve enough food to keep your guests from leaving your home inebriated. Also, I always have other drinks available as not everyone will partake of the mint julep. Wine, beer, and lemonade should suffice. As you will know your crowd, you can decide what they might drink.

Run for the Roses

Roses, as many as you can cut or afford, should be everywhere. Roses should serve for the centerpieces for the serving table, cocktail table, powder bath, etc. This is the run for the roses after all.

With a little effort on your part, your friends will enjoy this party so much that they will look forward to the next year with much excitement. Get your best hat ready and  give yourself some time to organize this great party so you will be ready for those three famous words "and they're off".

by Kelly Curtis

Now is the time to start planning our your parties for 2013. It's always easier and stress free when you plan. So, why not start planning now? By planning early, you can secure your date before anyone else, start searching for party decorations, and find inspiration for party themes. Wedding and Party Network has a few tips for planning your parties for 2013.

Party Tips for the Year 2013

  • Sit down with your calendar – What holiday parties, special events, charities, birthday parties, baby showers, or bridal showers do you have to plan for the year 2013? Figure out the dates and when the best time to have it would be. Planning it early lets you secure those dates for your venues and you won't have to plan around everyone else if your event was planned months in advance.
  • Secure your event venue – Once you have settled on a date, start researching venues. There maybe a special venue that you wanted to secure last year but it was booked. Be sure to call NOW to make sure you reserve your space.
  • Find inspiration for party themes – Now that you have secured your date and venue, start finding inspiration for your party themes. Find out what's trending on the party circuit and see if any of those themes would be perfect for your events. Search party blogs, websites, and magazines for any inspiration you may find.
  • Once you've settled on a theme – Since you've picked out a party theme, start scouring your local party store or online for party decorations, party invitations, and other detailing that might go perfect with it. You can search for great deals and save more when you plan early.

Planning parties for the upcoming year will truly ensure a stress-free party season.

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Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Kelly Curtis

Volume 3 Issue 12

5 Last-Minute Holiday Tips

Seasons Greetings from Wedding and Party Network! It's that time of year again and holiday parties are in full swing. Are you finishing up those last-minute touches on your holiday party? Well, here are some great holiday tips that will make sure your party is fantastic.

  1. Prep Ahead – Don't worry about what to do when party time gets here. Prep as much as possible beforehand. However, this comes with careful menu planning. More than likely you won't have to do a ton of decorating since your holiday decorations will already be up. So, you can spend most of your time prepping the food. Chop up what needs to be chopped or even put the dishes together. That way, the day of the party you'll just have to spend most of your time heating the food up.
  2. Keep it Simple – Making your party over complicated is a sure way to bring on the stress. Keep it simple. It's about good friends and good times.
  3. Friendly Get Together – If you've invited a large crowd, not everyone will know each other. Make it a point to introduce everyone.
  4. Make it Fun for All  – Don't get caught up with the party food, decorations, and drink planning. Make a holiday playlist and consider finding a holiday game. This gets everyone involved and more acquainted with one another. Plus, it's fun!
  5. Enjoy Yourself – Don't worry about making sure if everyone else is having a good time by running around the entire night cleaning up a mess, getting more food, or making more drinks. If you're not having fun, neither will your guests.

Remember, this is a party full of good holiday cheer, friends, and fun. So, relax and enjoy.

If you are planning a summer wedding , let Wedding and Party Network help!

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by Kelly Curtis

November is the month for Native American Heritage. It's the time to celebrate the culture and the influence that Native Americans have on America. It's a great time to learn more about their culture, food and remember Thanksgiving as well. Wedding and Party Network has a few tips on how to celebrate this holiday.

Brief History

How did this holiday come to be? In 1990, President George Bush declared the first National American Indian Heritage Month on August 3rd. The purpose of this holiday is to recognize the original people of this land. American Indian and Alaska Native people have a part of American history and this holiday is to recognize that.

How to Celebrate

There are many ways to celebrate this holiday. Whether you are catering it towards children or even adults, there are great ways to celebrate for both. If you're celebrating with children, read a book that displays the culture of Native Americans or read the story of Squanto. Once you've read them a book, discuss it with them. You can also let them watch a movie about it as well. If you would rather opt out of the movie, spend that time creating crafts. You can easily let them color pages, design a Navajo rug, create totem pole, a tomahawk or incorporate feathers into crafts. This can even be a great time for the children to tell the tale of the first Thanksgiving day between the Indians and Pilgrims.

If you're an adult wanting to celebrate, think about hosting a dinner party that revolves around the food that was served amongst the Native Americans. Think about creating a variety of cornbread, buffalo, fry bread, Indian pudding or Indian tacos.

This is a great holiday to celebrate. Get your friends, family and all the children together and have a great time.

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Indian headdress via Wikimedia Commons

by Kelly Curtis

Are you looking for a fun party theme for a birthday party or even a class reunion? Of course, there are many out there. You can find various party themes, party colors or decorations. Wedding and Party Network has a great party theme that will take you back to high school.

Theme of this party – Really, the idea behind this party is to grab some of your friends together that you are close with or you may not have seen in awhile and center it around high school. It's a time when you and your friends can relive the good ole' days.

Invite your guests – For your party invitations, include elements of high school into it. Pom poms, glasses, books, footballs, basketballs, instruments or make it a chalkboard themed invitation. Tell them to dress up as some high school stereotypes or maybe what they were known as in high school. It may have been the jock, band student, honor roll student or cheerleader. It would be fun to relive that aspect in high school.

Party decorations How do you decorate for a high school party? Break out the foam fingers, pom poms, signs like you used during pep rallies, textbooks or even maybe some cheesy prom decorations. Whatever you decide to use, make sure to incorporate something fun that everyone will remember. Hang signs on the wall, decorate the tables with foam fingers & pom poms and incorporate textbooks into the centerpieces.

High school food – What did you eat in high school? Does macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, chips, jello, sandwiches, pudding, nacho bar, pizza, candy, chocolate milk in milk cartons, tator tots and brownies. Basically, everything junk food inspired. Don't forget to serve the food in the cafeteria lunch trays too. This makes for a fun addition to your party.

Party activities – Besides reminiscing on your found memories of high school, there are some games to incorporate into the party as well. Think about having a photobooth where you can take yearbook photos or have people vote on the most popular and who ended up being just what they planned in high school. It can be fun categories or really see how everyone's life has turned out so far and if it is what they expected.

This party is great for birthdays, class reunions or just because. Get all your friends together and remember the high school days like they were yesterday.

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Megaphone photo via Westside Shooter

by Kelly Curtis

Planning a birthday party is a special event in everyone's life that happens yearly, especially for your children. Finding a party theme that fits their personality, style and your budget is important. Most importantly, finding the right theme. Have you ever looked for inspiration in the books that you read to your children? Do they have a favorite? One book that comes to mind is "Oh, the Places You'll Go!".

This party is absolutely adorable and is a childhood favorite for many. Take influences from the book for your party decorations, food and maybe even a few activities.

Of course, start by creating party invitations that represent the Dr. Seuss style that the books are well-known for. It holds the time, location and the details of the party. Draw inspiration from the books, especially "Oh The Places You'll Go". It's all about the swirls and colors for this book.

It's all about whimsy with this party, so incorporate that style with your party decorations. Make balloon bouquets in pink, turquoise, yellow, pink and green. Place balloons throughout your venue. You can even make cute little hot air balloons for a whimsy feeling. Just find a basket, which you can then fill with some of your party food or party favors, and tie the balloons to resemble a hot air balloon.

Find vintage suitcases, which again you can use to display party food or favors in. Use maps in your party decor as well. Hang them up on the walls, use them as your wrapping paper or use them as a table-cloth for the party. They can be fun and colorful or have a vintage appeal. Use globes and signs that point in all sorts of directions. The party decorations should definitely tell the whimsical story of this book.

For your food, make it all about the birthday girl or boy. You can go with finger foods or color coordinate the food to match the party. Make cookies with swirls, colored & flavored popcorn, candy bar, cotton candy cupcakes and an adorable birthday cake. The birthday cake should definitely be the center of attention. Talk with your local bakery and they can come up with a show stopping cake for your party.

This party is absolutely adorable for all ages and great for graduation parties too. Just have fun with it and make sure to make it bring whimsical.

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