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Your Wedding Wednesday Question

I am one of the bridesmaids at a friends wedding and have been invited to multiple wedding showers. Do I bring a give a gift to each one?


Not unless you really want to. The bride should let you know to only bring a gift to one of the showers, but if she doesn't just one gift would be the right thing. It is customary for the bridal party to be invited to every shower, however you are not expected to bring a gift to each one. It is also okay to decline on any invitations that you can’t make either, whether it's a financial issue or just due to your personal schedule.

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by Tilda Helgesson

Your Wedding Wednesday Question

Do I have to invite everyone who attended a wedding shower to the wedding?


Yes that is normally the case. It is common courtesy to invite everyone who attended your wedding shower to the actual wedding. There is one exception though. If your colleagues host a wedding shower for you, you are not expected to invite everyone. However, if you only have a few co-workers if would be appropriate to invite them.


We hope this answered your question!
If you have more wedding questions, send them to:
Every Wednesday we will post answers to your biggest wedding questions.


by Kelly Curtis

Your bridal shower is a major event that happens during the wedding process. You are really showered with love. This day is really important, it is all about you and how often does that happen? Even the groom isn't a major part of this big day, he probably isn't too thrilled about getting kitchen or household items in reality. However, that doesn't mean that you aren't? Therefore, you should stand out on this day. So, Wedding and Party Network has a few tips on what to wear to your bridal shower.

1. If you have to ask yourself is this dressy enough, it's not. – Always go with the dressier outfit, especially since this event is for you. You don't want to be the most under dressed person there. Therefore, dress up.

2. No Jeans – Again, this event is all about you. It's your time to shine and to celebrate a special time in your life. So, please, no jeans for your bridal shower. Wear a dress, skirt or even dress pants if skirts and dresses aren't your thing.

3. Plan In Advance – Yes, shopping may not be for every girl. However, please shop in advance for your shower outfit. You need to shine and find an outfit that you look great, as well as be comfortable in.

4. Plan For The Season – If your shower is being held outdoors or in the middle of summer, a light cotton dress is ideal. However, if it's during the cooler months, you can wear tights or bring a sweater or shawl with you. Look ahead at the weather and see what it will be like on the weekend. Will it be raining, cooler weather or warmer weather? Just make sure to look ahead.

5. Be Modest & Respectful – Yes, a bridal shower is different from a bachelorette party. It's more of a formal affair or conservative. Your bridal shower will be a mixed event of close family and friends. Along with family members and friends, a lot of photos will be taken. So, be a little modest and cover up.

6. Hair & Makeup – Lets not forget about your hair and makeup. Keep you makeup light and refreshing. Definitely don't over do it. You want to look natural. For your hair, there are so many unique ways that you can style it. You can do unique braids, updos, curl it or leave it straight. However, don't go overload by styling it how it could look on your wedding day.

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by Kelly Curtis

Of course, the main focus during this joyous occasion is mostly on the bride. The bride plans her dream wedding, gets the showers and plans everything down to the tiniest details. Rightly so, they should get most of the attention. However, we can't forget about the groom, it's his day too. So, when planning a gift for the shower, don't forget about the groom. Wedding and Party Network has our top picks for what to get the groom for this special occasion that he'll truly enjoy.

Kitchen – What can you get that guys will like using in the kitchen? There are plenty of things that they will enjoy. Who doesn't love unique kitchen

tools like a griddle pan for those nice sear lines when he's cooking meat in the kitchen. Also, a nice knife block set, personalized beer glasses, whiskey glasses or even a unique corkscrew are all great gift ideas with the groom in mind. Guys like to spend time in the kitchen when they have something fun to play with when creating their food.

Outdoors – Of course, what guy doesn't enjoy spending some time outdoors? This is where there are lots of ideas for the guys, because some brides just like to stay indoors better. A grill, grilling supplies, hammocks, outdoor games, sports equipment, fire pits, pool accessories and even a lawn mower.

Electronics –Guys love playing around with the latest technologies. Keeping up-to-date is a must for them. Whether it is a gaming device, television or computer, these make great groom's gift ideas. The bride may even benefit from it too.

Vacation – We can't forget about an amazing trip! If you truly want to blow them away and are looking for a great gift, a trip is just what they need. This is a great time for both of them to relax and enjoy one another, which is both beneficial to the bride & groom!

So, don't forget about the groom! It's his wedding too and he deserves something special, even though we're sure his wonderful bride is enough!

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by Jamie Jamison Adams

Ask The Celebration Advisor: Help. I am not a traditional bride. I am 50 years old and getting married for the first time. Something I just never dreamed would happen. I'm very happy and excited. I have only lived and worked in Charleston for 2 years. We are have a very small & private reception at a private home on the water. We both agreed very early on to not include our co-works as both of us have only worked with them for a very short time.

I work in an office of 30 women. This has caused much discussion among my staff. I don't want to hurt their feelings, but I also do not want an office bridal shower. The best gift my office staff can give is to just be happy for me. I am well educated, a very private person and very professional when it comes to my position. I do not want to be the center of attention and I don't mix my personal life with business. I don't know how to tell my office staff this. Any suggestions.

There is a fine line between not mixing personal business and being gracious to those whom you work with who want to honor your upcoming nuptials. Since showers are hosted by someone who wants to honor the bride, you can't very well forbid an office shower. However, there are ways in which you can come to a compromise that will be acceptable to everyone.

First, you will need the help of someone in your office. If you know who is pushing the office shower or who is in charge of the shower, go to them and explain what you have told me – although you appreciate their thoughtfulness, you don't like being the center of attention and the only present you need is their happiness for you. Then suggest a different kind of celebration. Perhaps a cake and special pastries during coffee hour where you visit with your staff but without a gift exchange. Or, an office lunch where everyone can visit. If your work schedule doesn't permit these types of celebrations, try an after-hours celebration like an hors d'oeuvre get-together without presents. You could even have drinks with your staff after-hours. All of these suggestions will allow you to keep the mixing of personal and professional to a minimum.

Although you don't want a shower, your staff cares enough to want to throw you one. Whatever you decide, it is important to respect their feelings. Hopefully they will do the same for you.

Congratulations and Good Luck.

Ask The Celebration Advisor: I am giving a bridal luncheon/shower.  The invitation only says bridal luncheon.  On the enclosure about the bridal registry, can I say "You may choose your shower gift from the bridal registry" and list the bridal registry or just have the bridal registries listed.  I think most people know this is also a shower, but I want to make sure and I want to do it properly.  Thanks! Anne

The Celebration Advisor:


A bridal luncheon when held in conjunction with a shower must follow the same etiquette as a bridal shower.  Etiquette dictates that registry information should be included with the invitation.  However, the wedding registry information must NOT be on the invitation itself.  It must be on a separate note and Continue reading "Etiquette Issue: Including Wedding Registry Info on Bridal Luncheon Invitation" »

by Jamie Jamison Adams

Ask The Wedding Guide: I live in Florida but my family and wedding shower will be in New York. Because it will be so difficult to fly with our gifts I dont' know how to let my guests know what to give. I have thought about having a gift card shower? Is that common? How do you politely tell your guests in the invitation? Or do you have any other solutions?

Thanks for your help! Anna


You do have quite the dilemma but breaking a wedding etiquette rule is not a good idea. Wish lists or gift buying instructions are not by etiquette standards permitted on the invitations. Traditional Continue reading "Wedding Showers Etiquette For Traveling Bride" »