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by Kelly Curtis

Here at Wedding and Party Network we want to give you inspiration for your wedding details. The details are what sets your wedding apart from anyone else. The colors, theme, detailing and style all creates your wedding day style. So, today's Inspirational Friday will focus on patterns and details. Details truly make your wedding stand out more than anything. You can pick and choose the right colors, theme and the decor, however, it's the details that set your wedding apart from the rest.

When planning your wedding, think about the extra that you can add to your wedding to set it apart. It can be beautiful embellishments, patterns, designs, unique decor or flowers. It's all about the little details that bring everything together. Mixing and matching patterns on your wedding cake, crystal embellishments on your wedding dress and beautiful draping on your wedding dress are all unique elements that you can look for to add to your wedding to make it truly stand out.