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by Kelly Curtis

Everyone has their own personal style. This certainly shows through with what you wear, your personality, parties you host and especially the wedding that you will plan. There are so many styles out there, you just have to learn how to show it through your wedding. You may be a traditional bride, contemporary bride or even a boho bride. Whatever your style, you have to make your wedding your own. However, if you have a bit of boho in you, Wedding and Party Network has some wedding tips and ideas to showcase your style.

Boho Inspired Wedding Gown – When searching for your wedding dress, you truly want it to show off your style. Think about having a flowy wedding dress that features lace, ruffles, tiny embellishments, vintage buttons and even beautiful floral embellishments. It's all about free-flowing and being relaxed. There really are some stunning wedding dresses that will fit into the boho style.

Don't forget about your wedding day accents like your floral headband and jewelry. You can either go bold or keep it simple with your jewelry, it's up to you.

Wedding Location – Normally when you research this style of wedding, it takes place on the beach, rustic barn or somewhere outdoors. However, it's completely up to you. Do you have a favorite date location or a place where you first met? Make sure it tells something about you and your groom. Your wedding location also gives you a direction to go within your wedding decor and flowers.

Boho Wedding Decor – If you're going with a nature inspired wedding, Use mason jars, small wooden stumps for your seating cards, rocks for place cards, various vintage jars, lanterns, chuppah and include beautiful wild flowers throughout your wedding. If this is your own personal style, just include items that you like in your wedding.

Food Inspiration – We'll say it again, what's your favorite food? It's important to make this wedding about everything you like and incorporate the elements of you and your groom into the wedding. Serve finger foods for your wedding. These are always simple to serve, guests love them and they can be served in a unique way by using vintage platters and creating fun, visual details.

Instead of a wedding cake, create a buffet of desserts. Pies, macaroons, cupcakes, tarts and even miniature cakes will all look splendid on a dessert table with vintage cake platters featured on tree stumps to create that boho vibe. Your wedding will be absolutely stunning with all these desserts and your guests will enjoy the spread.

There are little touches that can definitely give your wedding that boho feel. From your wedding site, wedding dress, wedding flowers to what you serve at your wedding can all have that boho vibe.

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