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by Kelly Curtis

Planning a wedding this fall? Like every wedding that is planned, there can be a few hiccups and rules to follow during each seasonal wedding. So, what are some fall wedding tips that will make your day run more efficiently and smoothly? Wedding and Party Network has a few tips that will ensure your day is absolutely unforgettable.

Availability – During fall months, some brides consider having their wedding on Fridays or even Sundays to cut back on costs. However, the fall season is a start to many things like, football, school is starting to get in full swing and school activities. So, just remember this when planning your wedding. Of course, never feel like you have to plan around things for your guests, but you may have children or you and your husband may be big football fanatics.

Weather – Fall is such a beautiful time for an outdoor wedding and you aren't have to worry too much about spring showers, hurricanes or extreme heat. However, there are a few weather problems that can arise to keep in mind, like the drastic changes in weather. It can be warmer during the day, but drop a few degrees at night. So, just remember to keep guests updated on if a jacket is in order. Plus, you could also have blankets, which would make a great wedding favor, or space heaters at your wedding just in case.

It's All About the Location – Fall is known for it's gorgeous colors and lovely scenery. So, incorporate that into your wedding with an outdoor wedding. This is truly an appropriate time for your wedding, due to beautiful weather and setting the scene for your wedding. Find a local wedding venue and considering having your wedding there with beautiful fall in the background. Just do some research and you will find a lovely outdoor wedding that will fit your wedding ideally.

Play with Fall Color – Fall features some very beautiful colors. Try incorporating them into your wedding. There are beautiful oranges, reds and even browns. You can use them as your main wedding colors, or slightly incorporate them into your wedding bouquet, reception centerpieces or your wedding invitations. It doesn't have to be the main focal point, but you could easily incorporate the colors here and there for small details.

In-Season Wedding Flowers – Unless you have your heart set on a flower you've wanted to incorporate into your wedding since you were a little girl, try and keep it in season.In season flowers may be a little bit friendlier on your budget, and there are some absolute gorgeous flowers to choose from. Dahlias, roses, zinnias and sunflowers all are exquisite and will make a remarkable bouquet. You can even add some fun elements in your bouquet like apples or wheat.

When it comes to planning your fall wedding, follow these few tips and your wedding will be unforgettable.

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