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by Kelly Curtis

Are you planning a wedding? Are you planning a small, more intimate wedding at city hall? Not all brides want a 100 plus wedding, some want a wedding ceremony that just includes the bride and groom. So, if you're not planning a destination wedding, going to city hall is absolutely ideal. However, what do you wear? Wedding and Party Network has a few ideas on what to wear to your city hall wedding.

For The Dress – The most popular way to go is with short, chic white dresses. Going with simple attire, like dresses you can actually wear again besides your wedding is a great style to follow for your city hall wedding. There are various dresses that will truly make a statement at your city hall wedding. Choose from little beaded dresses that resemble 1920's flapper style dresses or a dress that has delicate beading and a tulle skirt. Look towards what's in style. For example, lace is a big trend now. Lace sheath dresses or skater dresses in white or cream are definitely chic numbers you can wear to your wedding. Keep in mind chic and elegant for your wedding dress.

For The Shoes – Since most wedding gowns that you are going to be looking at are short, it's important that you find the right shoes as well. Again, go with something simple. A champagne or nude colored peep toe pumps or slingbacks will definitely make a statement with your dress. Even look for shoes that have delicate beading. However, if you really want to show off your style, choose printed shoes or colored ones that will definitely add an accent to your wedding dress.

For The Accessories – Your wedding accessories need to be kept to a minimal. Depending on the neckline of your dress, you may want to go with a simple pearl necklace. However, if you have a higher neckline, you may skip the necklace and opt for simple earrings. Keep your look simple, yet elegant. This makes a true statement.

So, if you are planning your wedding to take place at city hall, opt for a simple, yet chic wedding gown. When you are purchasing your wedding dress, ask yourself if you can wear it again. Keep it simple and your wedding day look will be absolutely fabulous.

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