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by Kelly Curtis

It's tailgating time. However, not everyone enjoys tailgating. Some girls love football, however, others don't enjoy it as much but they are dragged to it because of their significant other. So, how can you make the experience more fun for girls? Wedding and Party Network has a guide for tailgating for girls.

What to eat. A lot of tailgating food can be a bit fattening and high in calorie. Are you trying to watch your weight, like most girls? You are at least trying to find something that is not soaked in grease. Well, get together with your girlfriends and plan out a skinny menu. The guys can bring their own food, while you bring something that is tasty, low cal, yet still in the gameday realm of food. What about a skinny pizza bar? You choose the toppings, which most of the toppings are low-calorie, but where the fat is at is the pizza dough. So, you can cut the calories by offering pitas. They are still delicious, gameday friendly and fewer calories.

Also during gameday, people tend to go with dips, which can also have calories. So, research on Pinterest, and find some low-calorie dip recipes like guacamole or fresh salsa and learn how to cut the calories by using Greek yogurt instead of mayo. There are great ideas. Also, don't forget about the drinks. These can have calories too or you may not be a fan of what the boys drink. So, come up with some unique punch recipes.

For dessert, come up with some fun cupcake ideas. Again, you can find healthy alternatives like using almond flour, no sugar and almond milk. However, this maybe where you want to splurge and even go with a Guinness cupcake with cute football cupcake toppers.

Gameday entertainment that is for girls. If you aren't that interested in the game, plan some gameday activities for you and your friends that will hold you over while the guys are wrapped up in the game. If you and your friends are into the new fashion trends, which is dressing up your nails, have a tutorial setup where everyone can paint their nails to look like footballs. However, you can also plan some games to play too.

When the girls are looking for something fun to do while the guys watch football, the girls should plan their own fun tailgate.

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Pizza bar photo provided by Oh Party.