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by Kelly Curtis

A couples shower is a fun event during the wedding process that is enjoyed by all! This is a great time to get their close friends and family together to celebrate this momentous occasion in their life. However, how do you make it personable and catered towards their style, while everyone has a good time? Wedding and Party Network has a few tips and ideas on hosting a couples shower.

Who do you invite – First, make a gust list. Invite the couple's closest friends and family to this shower. There are so many other showers to attend, that some guests may not feel comfortable attending more than just one. So, make sure this shower is designated for people who are closest with the couple. Also, if  people are a bit more old-fashioned, cross them off the invite list as well. Why? This party is definitely a time to have fun and possibly even reminisce on some of the crazy times their friends had together.

Create a party theme – Having a theme for any shower is so much better than just a regular shower. You can easily go with a famous couple shower where guests dress up as famous couples, a backyard BBQ, stock the bar party or even a casino themed shower. Just take a look at the couple and see what would best suit them. What are their likes and hobbies? What do they need or enjoy doing? From there, you can cater their shower to fit them. This is very important. You also can start finding the right shower decorations, planning the party food and

Cocktails + Games – This equals a great time had by all. You may think that the girly cocktails and games are for an actual bridal shower. However, there are some great games for a couple's shower too. You can go with a bit of trivia, newlywed game or even some fun relay races for everyone to partake in. Once you come up with a theme, don't forget to create signature cocktail for the couple. This will make their shower more personable and fun for everyone.

So, start planning an unforgettable couples shower that truly shows off the style of the bride-to-be and groom. It can be a party that everyone enjoys and a pre-party for what can come at their wedding.

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