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by Kelly Curtis

Tailgating is a fun experience for all. You spend time with your friends, family, get ready for the game, much on some delicious tailgating food and play some games. This can definitely make your football experience a more memorable one. However, if you're in charge of your tailgate party, you need to come prepared. So, Wedding and Party Network has put together the top 5 tailgating tips that you must remember.

The early bird gets the worm. Show up early to stake your claim on your tailgating location. The closer the better for some or you may have your favorite spot picked out that's located next to your friends. Plus, you need time to start cooking, play some games and just get the overall experience of tailgating. Don't forget, you can always come back to your tailgate after the game too.

Find a good parking spot. Finding the right parking spot can definitely make your tailgate better. You may try to find a spot next to a grassy area that even has a tree for some extra shade and you will have one less car to worry about that's next to you. Plus, it will give you more space. Don't forget, you may have to pay for some parking too, so make sure that's in your budget.

Follow the rules. With tailgating, there are some rules you must follow. Clean up after you're done, no unattended grills or even no smoking maybe some of the rules. Find out beforehand. Some may not allow alcoholic beverages, no glass bottles or you must recycle. Follow the rules. This makes it much more fun for everyone in your group, as well as everyone around you.

Be a planner. In order for your tailgate to be successful, you must plan ahead of time. If you're in charge of cooking, plan out the menu and don't forget to bring the grill. However, if you're not the only one cooking, delegate who will be cooking what type of food. Or you can take the easy way out and have it catered. Plan out what time you will get there, when to start cooking, how many cars you may want to bring, set up a tent if you want, utensils, cleaning supplies, games and don't forget the TRASHBAGS.

When it's done and over with, pack it up. You brought the stuff out there, now it's time to clean up and get ready to go. Take everything you bring in. Make sure you can dispose of all your trash properly, storage for your food, clean your grill and dump out charcoal properly. You can pour your melted ice over the charcoal or dispose of it with aluminium food tins. Just make sure you clean up your space and take everything that you brought with you.

Tailgating is a great experience, especially when you follow these top 5 tailgating tips.

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