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by Kelly Curtis

Are you looking for a great idea for a bridal shower? Well, the first thing to do is consider the bride's personality. What is her style, what does she like to do and what are her hobbies? If she loves everything girl inspired and a bit of fashion as well with a hint of traditional, a chic and elegant bridal shower is just for her. Well, Wedding and Party Network has a few tips and ideas on hosting this gorgeous bridal shower.

So, how can you create a chic and elegant bridal shower? It's truly simple with a few details. It's definitely all about the decorations and how you present it for this bridal shower. Focus on mixing fabric, paper and fresh flowers.

Use fabric within your tablescapes. Even mix and match patterns with a hint or burlap for table runners. Make sure everything is pretty subtle, you don't want a clash of patterns and colors. Picking the right fabric is definitely the base for creating a chic and elegant bridal shower.

Another must is featuring flowers as well. Your flowers can be made from paper even or a combination of fresh flowers, as well as paper ones that you created yourself in soft pastels. Create simple floral arrangements to display on each table to go with the chic and elegant theme. Also, for the paper flowers, you can make a floral chandelier or create a piece of art on the wall.

Talk with your florist about wanting to use fresh flowers and even mixing in a few paper flowers that have beautiful patterns to create a unique centerpiece. They'll love talking with you and coming up with unique ideas. Mix and match different colored vases, also use different sizes of vases and set out tea candles.

Also, don't forget to use cute sayings like, "A special gift for you, as you get ready to say I Do" or "Bride-to-be" for the gift table and as seating cards. This will just be added detail that will create a beautiful setting.

Now that you have taken care of the decor that will create a beautiful setting, it's time to think about food and drinks. Rev up the menu with some cocktail shrimp, slow roasted tomatoes, herb tartlets, eclairs and even mini s'mores with pink marshmallows. Think elegant and sophisticated food, however, don't be intimidated because most of these appetizers are pretty simple to put together.

However, if you're having doubts, contact your local caterer and they will have a wide variety of options and wonderful ideas for this type of bridal shower. Don't forget to use gorgeous platters like mirrors to display your food and create various heights on the food table.

Whether you are hosting a bridal shower tea or a cocktail shower; this look works for both. The bride will absolutely love having a sophisticated bridal shower with the right decor and shower food. This will definitely be a preview of her wedding and get her totally ready to walk down the aisle.

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