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by Kelly Curtis

Yes, everyone has now gotten in the swing of things for back-to-school. Which, can only mean one thing, sleepovers. Everyone is in the swing of things and they are ready to plan their first sleepover with their friends. However, are you planning a sleepover for more than two kids? That can seem overwhelming for one parent or even two parents to handle. That is why Wedding and Party Network is here to give you some sleepover tips to help you survive the night.

Feast for the Hungry – Yes, kids are hungry. Therefore, be ready! First off, ask your children what they would like served at their sleepover. Don't think it has to be a junk food frenzy, you can still throw in some healthy items on the menu. It is for the kids though, so try to serve mainly what they enjoy. Also, have the kids make their own food. This will serve as another activity for them to do and they will love it. Let them create their own pizzas, hamburgers or even their own sundaes. Kids will love doing this. Tip: Don't forget to have snack bowls with snacks placed throughout the kitchen and living room if they get hungry.

Organization –When having a sleepover, it can be complete chaos sometimes. However, eliminate that. Have your activities already planned out for the evening. Create an arts and crafts station, board games, spa activities and even have the movies set out for them to pick from to help make everything run smoothly. Being organized will help you become stress free and you will know what is planned next, instead of running around trying to think of an activity. Tip: Create station signs so the kids what station is what.

Just Go With It – Don't stress, just go with it. Of course, things hardly ever go according to plan. Therefore, don't get stressed out about it and just go with the flow. It's not the end of the world. Kids may get home sick, get sick or even throw a little tantrum. It's natural. So, be prepared to drive them home play nurse or referee. Tip: Have a first aid station ready to go and all the essentials in a place you can get to easily.

Fun – Don't forget to have fun with it. It's the time for kids to let loose, eat their favorite candy and not going to bed on time. Tip: Don't forget to have fun yourself!

So, the next time you are planning a sleepover, don't stress about planning and things not going as planned, have fun with it and be ready with these sleepover survival tips.

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Sleepover photo provided by pseudonymiss via flickr.