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Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Kelly Curtis

Volume 3 Issue 8

Be Prepared for Back to School

To get children in the back to school mood, host a celebratory block party with your neighborhood. A simple get together will definitely do the trick to get the neighborhood and school pals back in the mood. However, turn a simple gathering into a fun and exciting event with a school theme. Wedding and Party Network has a few themes and tips on getting everyone ready for back to school!

Rise & Shine – Of course, sleeping in late isn't the way to go during the school year. So, if you want to have children ready to rise and shine for the first day of school, host a breakfast back to school get together. Prepare a big feast for everyone to enjoy and even think about car pooling everyone together. This will definitely get them ready for school.

Meet & Greet – If your child is new to the school or just switching from preschool to elementary school, think about hosting a meet and greet for all the kids to get to know each other. You can even get together with their teacher and ask if you can bring this idea into the classroom on their first day or later in the week. Come up with fun ideas like create their own cupcake or create their own s'mores. This is a great way for everyone to get to know each other a bit better.

After School Snacks – When the children get done with school, they are ready for their afternoon snack. So, why not host a party at your house that is full with after school snacks? This gives the children and even the parents time to ask what happened during the day and ask how their first day of school went. Load up on pretzels, vegetables, fruits and even a few sweets that will hold them over until dinnertime. Don't forget to get creative with the snacks.

Night Before Shindig – Have an early night get together with all the kiddos from the neighborhood. You can create a fun dinner for them with some of their favorite foods, while they show off their new back to school supplies. Also, this gives parents a time to discuss the upcoming year and events they might want to plan or get involved in. It's great for both parents and children. Plus, it just gives everyone time to catch up on their summer adventures.

Get your children be back to school ready by hosting a fun get together for all their friends. It will definitely give them school spirit.

If you are planning a back to school party, let Wedding and Party Network help!

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Back to School Treats
With back to school just around the corner, you need to start planning out your weekly after school snacks and treats. This is a tradition and kids look forward to their special snack after school. Plus, it gives you time to bond and find out what happened with their day. It gives parents a great time to look back on and enjoy the times they spent together finding out about their child's day. Read more about Back to School Treats

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