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by Kelly Curtis

When planning a birthday party or just wanting something unique that everyone will have fun with, a carnival themed party is the way to go. This party brings on the kid in everyone. Who doesn't enjoy attending a carnival? A carnival is filled with yummy foods, bright colors and games that everyone can enjoy. It's a great time to be had by all. So, this is the ideal party for anyone and Wedding and Party Network is here to give you some party tips to host this great carnival themed party.

Carnival Decor – First off, think bright and colorful for this party. Colorful balloons and banners are the key to the party decor, it's that simple. Just place them throughout the party to get the feel of a carnival. Also, if you're wanting a floral arrangement, stick with bright colors. Tell your florist the party theme and they'll know just where to start.

Party Set up –For this setup, it's great to have it outdoors. That way, you can have the big tent out back, which you may can find at a party rental store. Plus, this gives you more room to set up different areas for the kids. However, you can also do this indoors if the weather isn't fitting into your plans. Create booths from cardboard or set up different tables for face painting, games, ticket booths, rides, foods and prizes.

Party Games –Of course, this party wouldn't be complete without party activities! Bean bag toss, balloon popping, duck pond, balloon animals, prize booth, guess how many, face painting, bounce house are all great ideas for a carnival themed party. Just think about what you see when you go to a carnival. Have banners hanging up or signs displaying what each booth is for that particular game. You can find all your party supplies at your local party store, as well as the prizes.

Party Food –Ask yourself, what do you see and smell when you attend a carnival? You see candy apples, funnel cakes, corn dogs, popcorn, caramel corn and candy. Therefore, that's what your guests need to see at this party. However, display them in great ways. Get corn dog and popcorn sacks and add great touches to them, cellophane wrap with adorable ribbon for the candy apples and serve cotton candy on miniature sticks and mini funnel cakes. Don't forget about serving cupcakes or a party cake for the guests as well.

All these party ideas combined makes for a wonderful carnival themed party. The main key is to think about what you would find at a carnival. Think of the sights, smells and activities that you do. You can easily find these items at your local party store and even talk with your caterer to find some unique ways to display the food. This party is a great way to let the inner child come out of everyone.

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