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by Caitlin LaFarlette

Halloween may be at the end of October, but this easy-to-make punch serves as a sweet treat before and after any ghoulish festivities.

A candy corn punch that is kid friendly is sure to stand out as a great centerpiece at a Halloween party. With only four ingredients, you can whip up a pitcher the night before or even the day of your event. You will need:

-One package of lemon jello
-Cool Whip
-Orange soda
-Two cups of mango juice

To begin, mix the jello with one cup of boiling water until dissolved and pour in the mango juice, stirring well. Pour this mixture into a pitcher and place in the refrigerator until it is chilled and slightly solid (about two hours).

After the jello is set, slowly pour in orange soda to the desired height of the pitcher, leaving room for the Cool Whip. Make sure to pour carefully so the soda doesn't push holes into the jello. Spoon Cool Whip on top of your mixture and sprinkle some candy corn pieces on top!

You now have a large candy corn to show off to your guests that they can enjoy as a punch. Stir the mixture together before serving.

by Hannah Jackson

Halloween can sneak up on you. So if you're finding yourself anxious about how to throw together some fun for this Halloween, these ideas will be just what you need.

Trick-Or-Treating With A Twist

Instead of going door-to-door, plan to meet at a friend's house who lives in a busy neighborhood and set up tables in the front yard with candy for trick-or-treaters to stop by and grab. This is a good way to get more immersed into the whole atmosphere of the evening. Your kids will get to watch all of the costumes go by and you can pick your favorites.

Scary Movie Night

With scary movies on TV around this time of year, get together and watch some with your friends or as a party for your kids. Think candy corn and popcorn. This is a good way to celebrate if you and others you know aren't wanting to go trick-or-treating.

Homemade Halloween Costume Contest

Don't want to shell out big bucks on a costume that will only be worn once? Make it a party! Plan a night where you invite not only your kids' friends, but their parents as well, and make costumes. The only rule being that you cannot buy anything. Have them bring supplies from around their house like toilet paper, cardboard boxes, lampshades, duct tape, etc. Have some gummy worms and witch's brew (punch)  and get creative with your costume building and see who comes up with the best creation! First, second, and third place winners get prizes such as cash, a Halloween movie, gift card, etc.

Baking Treats With Your Kids

This is classic and fun. You can make it your only plan for the day by researching which treats you want to make, taking your kids with you to get any ingredients you may need, and coming back home to bake together. Some fun ideas I've seen are rice crispy treats shaped into pumpkins, white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks decorated as ghosts, and witches hats made of cookies and chocolate kisses. These can be treats you serve at any party this season!

Halloween is quickly approaching, and these ideas for celebrating are quick fixes for a last minute party. Choose one or experience them all and have a Happy Halloween!

Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Kelly Curtis

Volume 3 Issue 10

Halloween is quickly approaching. So, you know what that means? It's time to start planning for your enchanted Halloween party.There are many themes to pick from, so find the one that is best suited for your party and then plan out your decorations, menu and activities.

Party Themes – Think about the theme of your party. Do you want to have a specific theme for the night or just an original Halloween costume party? Will children be in attendance or is this just a party for grown ups? If children do attend, be mindful of their ages and include fun things for them as well as the adults. Wedding and Party Network has a few Halloween themes that may give you some ideas.

Halloween Menu There are definitely some delicious treats to be had during Halloween. Of course, there's candy. You can get really creative with your finger foods or even create delicious main dishes for an elegant dinner theme that fits in with Halloween. Frightening spider cupcakes, mummy hot dogs or Frankenstein pops are all wonderful treats for everyone to enjoy.

Spooky Halloween Decorations – Your party isn't complete without some spooky Halloween decorations. You can either go with something really spooky or even a bit glamorous. You decide based on the theme of your party.

Party Activities – If you're hosting a Halloween party for children, think about setting up different areas for them to trick or treat. You can even set up bobbing for apples, construct a Halloween maze or create your own haunted house.

Halloween parties are so much fun for everyone! Be sure to start planning yours today!

If you are planning a Halloween party , let Wedding and Party Network help!

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Halloween cake (Icing Illusions), Pumpkin arrangement (Alma Blooms)

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by Kelly Curtis

When planning your Halloween party, it's definitely all about the details. What party decorations you choose and the color scheme set the tone of your party. Focus on the details of your party, especially your Halloween treats. Wedding and Party Network has a few tips on what to serve at your Halloween party.

Witches' Hats

Fudge Cookies (Turned upside down)
Hershey Kisses
Orange Icing

Turn the fudge cookie upside down, put a little orange icing in the middle and place the kiss on top of it.
via Explore. Dream. Discover

Frankenstein Pops

Green Chocolate Candies
Regular Chocolate
Wilton's Glittery Gel
Lollipop Sticks

Place the mashmallows on the popsicle stick, dip it in the green chocolate. Once that cools, dip just the top of the marshallows into the regular chocolate to imitate the hair. Use the glittery gel pen to make the nuts and bolts.
Via Craft-O-Maniac

Pretzel Skeletons

Lollipop Sticks
White Chocolate Covered Pretzels
White Icing
Black Icing

Put some white icing on the lollipop stick so the pretzels won't slide off. Do this between each pretzel, which you can add 3-4 on each stick. Flatten out the marshmallow a little bit to create a round face and add the eyes and mouth to it. Once you've done that, place it on the lollipop stick. You can easily add these on top of cupcakes or even brownies for a fun topper.
Via Wants and Wishes

Finger Cookies

1 Cup Butter (Softened)
1 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 Egg
2 Tsp Almond Extract
2 Tsp Vanilla
2 2/3 Cups Flour
1Tsp Baking Powder
1/4 Tsp Salt
3/4 Cup Whole Blanched Almonds
Raspberry Jelly

Set oven for 375 degrees. Mix together the butter, sugar, egg, almond extract and vanilla. Stir dry ingredients together. Mix together the dry and wet ingredients, cover and let sit for 30 minutes.
Work with a quarter of the dough at a time and refrigerate the rest. Use about a tablespoon of the dough and roll into a log.
Next, use a small knife to create the details of a finger into the cookie dough. Place the almond up top to look like a nail. Bake for 20-30 minutes.
While the cookies are baking, melt the raspberry jelly. One the cookies are done baking, place a little of the jelly underneath the almond and at the end of the finger to give it that gore look.
Via Zandland

Mummy Pops

White Candy Melts
Boxed Rice Krispies
Candy Eyeballs
Popsicle Sticks
Plastic Baggie
Wax or Parchment Paper

Place the rice krispie treats on the popsicle sticks. Buying the boxed rice krispy treats makes for the ideal shape. However, if you're more adventurous, you can easily make home made rice krispy treats and shape them in a rectangle. Melt the white chocolate. Dip the rice krispy treats into the white chocolate, place on wax or parchment paper and set in freezer for 5 minutes. Use the white chocolate as glue to stick on your candy eyeballs. Place the melted white chocolate into your plastic baggie that has about 1/4" cut off the corner and "wrap your mummy". Stick them in the freezer and let them set for about 10-15 minutes.
Via eighteen25

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by Kelly Curtis

Here at Wedding and Party Network we want to give you inspiration for your next party. So, here are some of our favorite ideas for a last-minute Halloween party. Yes, it's just a few days away and you probably have a great Halloween bash planned. However, if you still want some great ideas for your party, this week's Inspirational Friday has got them! It's all about orange, black, purples, greens and anything spooky!

Whether you're hosting a spooktacular Halloween event or more of an elegant take on Halloween, there's something for everyone out there. Beautiful Halloween color combinations created in pumpkins or eyeball cheeseballs are great ideas for any party. Get creative and think all things Halloween and your party will be a huge success!

Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Kelly Curtis

Wedding & Party Network
Wedding & Party Network
Volume 2 Issue 10

Treat or Treating Tips

We all love trick or treating and loading up on yummy candy. However, now you must always be cautious during this time, yet still make it an enjoyable for everyone. So, Wedding and Party Network has some safety tips for this Halloween to make it fun and safe.

Route – Make sure to plan your route out in advance. Plan out who you will visit, like family members or friends and route out familiar neighborhoods. It's best to know whose door you're knocking on.

Rules of the Road – First off, always go with your children, but remind them the rules of the road. Always enforce traffic rules, like look both ways before crossing, obey traffic laws and use cross walks.

Stranger Danger – Even though you have your eyes on them, it only takes a second for a stranger to come up and take them. That is why you need to always remind them of stranger danger safety tips.

Costume Safety –Don't forget to focus on making sure your child's costume isn't a safety hazard. Keep costumes from dragging on the ground so they're not tripped,

When In Doubt – Throw it away. We are all aware of the dangers that candy can contain. So, if you're nervous about how something looks or you're not sure what's in it; throw it away.

Now, it's time to celebrate Halloween with a ghoulish themed party that will be one to remember.

If you are planning a Halloween party, let Wedding and Party Network help!

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Hocus Pocus arrangement (Flower Shop Network), Pirate Halloween decor (Bloomers Inc.), Pumpkin cake (Icing Illusions), Pumpkin arrangement (Alma Blooms), Calla bridal bouquet (Flower Jazz), Candy bar(The Chocolate Chick Company)

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by Kelly Curtis

Halloween is coming up, and so is your Halloween party. Therefore, you should start planning. Do you have in mind what you want to do for party decorations and the activities that you will do? What about the food? These are all key elements to think about when planning your Halloween party. However, do you need a little direction to start planning? Wedding and Party Network has some great ideas for your ghoulish party menu.

Mummy Rolls – This is a great party food for everyone! All you need are hot dogs, crescent rolls and candy eye balls and wrap the crescent roll around the hot dog to look like a mummy. However, you can also use bread dough, Nutella and candy eye balls too. Wrap the brad up in a braid and ice the face on with Nutella and place the eyeballs on. Therefore, you have an appetizer and a dessert.

Graveyard – Graveyard themed food is a must at your party. There are great ideas to create this. One great idea is to take individual small cups and put black pudding and top it off with Oreo cookie crumbs with a cookie that is shaped like a gravestone that has "RIP" iced on it. These make great individual snacks and can be picked up and finished in a few bites. Also, you can bake a cake, pipe icing on top to look like grass and place headstones all around the cake with your guest's names written on each one. Rice krispy treats topped with some green color coconut, candy pumpkin and a gravestone is also a great idea.

Pumpkin Food – Of course, every party needs something pumpkin related. Place carrot sticks on a platter and have the carrots represent the shape of a pumpkin with green dip as the step. Cheese pumpkins are such a great idea. All you take is cheese, roll it into the shape of a pumpkin, place a pretzel stick and parsley on top. Such a cute idea! Place soup in a pumpkin, create a pumpkin cake or cupcakes and don't forget to use the pumpkin as a drink cooler.

Eyeballs –Eyeball cupcakes in a red jello cauldron, eyeball cupcakes, eyeball punch, fruit eyeball Oreo pops and even eyeball pasta are just some ideas that create this eerie treat. For the eyeball pasta, just take spinach pasta noodles, red spaghetti sauce and create the eyeballs out of tofu, green olives and peppercorns. What a treat that will be for the children, plus it sneaks in some spinach and tofu into their meal. Oreo pops are simple. All you take is an Oreo, dip it in white chocolate and place a candy ring in the center and enjoy!

Skeleton –Skeletons are fun to create for Halloween. First find a small bowl and fill it up with vegetable dip and that is the head of your skeleton. Next, take vegetables of your choosing, just make sure they're cut length wise and place them to look like a skeleton. This is just a cute way to display your vegetables.

Body parts –When you think of Halloween, you always think of gory body parts being part of your Halloween decorations. So, why not include them in your party menu? Take a bowl with vegetable dip, long carrots and almonds to create a spooky dip. Just fill the bowl with dip, take a paring knife and shape the carrots into fingers and place the slivered almonds on the carrot as a finger nail and place the carrot fingers in the dip.

You can also make fingers out of sandwiches. Just roll out the bread with a rolling-pin, spread on cream cheese or butter and roll up, make indention with a butter knife to replicate a finger and place an almond on as the finger nail.

These are just a few ideas. However, there are limitless possibilities when planning your menu for your Halloween party. Create witch's brooms out of pretzel sticks and peanut butter cups, spider cupcakes, bones, knife cupcakes, ghost pizza, monster marshmallows and even spiderweb pretzels. Just get creative with it and your party will be a success!

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by Kelly Curtis

Yes, Halloween is right around the corner and it's time to start preparing for Halloween parties. Everyone loves getting dressed up and going out in their best costumes. Therefore, you need to start planning early for your Halloween party. So, Wedding and Party Network is here with our top picks for Halloween party themes that will be a frightful success.

Vintage Halloween – A vintage Halloween is a great way to go! It definitely adds to the creepiness and eeriness of the holiday. It's definitely in the party decorations with this theme. Use subtle colors instead of bold and bright ones that you normally see around this time of year.

For party decorations, focus on cob webs, skeleton keys, vintage bottles, crows and spiders. Place cob webs around the house with spiders in them for that vintage Halloween feel.

Use old books and photos for decoration as well. For the party food table, feature "witch's brew" cards that features what party food you are serving on the table. The cards should be ripped, torn and stain to give off that full effect. Serve drinks in old, vintage bottles with labels that have bat juice, poisonous tonic and dragon's breath. This party theme is great for every one of all ages!

Girls Night Halloween – Enjoy a girl's night Halloween party, or a "ghoul's night". For the party colors, think bright pink & purple. This party needs to be all things girly. Use glitter pumpkins, candles, candle holders, skulls and feathers for party decorations. Think glam with a touch of creepy for this girl's night in on Halloween. Sip on spooky drinks and share some good laughs and a great time.

Family Friendly Halloween Night In – If you have children, Halloween is all about family time. It's about dressing up the kiddos and taking them trick or treating. Therefore, having a family friendly Halloween night in is definitely the way to go. Invite your neighbors, family and friends over to do a little trick r treating indoors.

It's safer that way and everyone can enjoy each others company. Go with the traditional orange & black colors or choose something funky like purple & lime green or do a contemporary black and white Halloween party. Keep the party decorations kid friendly, some can really be a bit terrifying, especially for younger ones. Place furry spiders in cob webs around, owls, pumpkins and mummies around for party decor.

The best part about the night will be all the delicious food Think spider cupcakes, ghost marshmallows, mummy cake pops, graveyard sandwiches, jack-o-lantern burgers, bone yard cookies and brain punch. Set up different candy stations for the kids and fun activities to keep them entertained all night.

Fright Night – If you have older children or you want a party for the adults, this is a great theme for Halloween. Fright night! Turn your Halloween into a frightful evening with a spooky haunted house or trial ride. This is sure to bring a little fear and a great time to everyone.

Have your friends and family members dress up like mummies or zombies and have them hiding. You know how a haunted house and trial ride goes, so you can plan exactly how frightful you want it to be.

Visit your local party store to find ghoulish party decorations, try to find decor that actually looks like the real thing.

These are just 4 party theme ideas, however, there are a ton more out there. You can even go with a ghoulish glam adult party, upscale Halloween party or a Victorian Halloween party. Remember it's all in the accents for this party. Pick one of these themes and you're sure to have a successful Halloween party!

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Halloween candle photo, purple skull & brain food provided by Denis Cintra Scurzuzu gadgetgirl via flickr.

Wedding & Party Network Newsletter

by Mandy Maxwell

Volume 1 Issue 10

Tricks For Treating: Halloween Entertaining

The night is dark and the goblins are out, and the witches and black cats are prowling about. And costumed creatures, the strangest I've seen, are knocking on doors 'cause tonight's Halloween!

October is the month for tasty, fall treats, beautiful colors and Halloween! A month for chilling, themed parties that everyone will truly enjoy! For this month, Wedding And Party Network's Halloween themed newsletter just for you! Here you’ll find lots of ideas to throw a thrilling Halloween party! Here are just a few ideas to let you know what’s in store:

Halloween Colors: Of course, you’re thinking black and orange. However, change it up a bit with hot pink, purple & black for a more modern vibe. Whichever way you decide to go, just make sure to keep it within the Halloween spirit!

Party Décor: Spiders, bats and cobwebs, oh my! Think, cobwebs, spooky jack-o-lanterns and witch hats for fun party decorations. Your Halloween party décor should be chilling and thrilling decorations that will put a frightful spin on the party.

Frightful Food: Picture finger shaped appetizers, graveyard cupcakes or a witch’s house-inspired cake that will put your Halloween party over the top. Frightful treats will truly be one to enjoy!

You’ll find these ideas and many more that will help you create a fun, Halloween themed party for everyone! All your guests will truly enjoy their frightful night provided by you. So go on and find out what’s in store. You may want to be cautious and continue reading, if you dare!

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How To Throw A Zombie Invasion Halloween Party (For Under $40)

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Ghouls Night In— The Ultimate Girls Halloween Party

Halloween is such a fun time of the year! Delicious candy, creepy decorations and adorable costumes to get you in the Halloween spirit! There's so many Halloween themes and party ideas to pick from that you won't know where to begin! Well, why not choose a Halloween theme for just the girls, or ghouls?
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Tips For Throwing A Twilight Party

If you have a tween it's safe to say that you've heard of Twilight. You may even be a fan yourself. Because so many people love the Twilight series, here are a few Twilight party ideas that would be helpful for Twilight themed Halloween Party.
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by Mandy Maxwell

Empty houses abound in the once densely populated city. Zombies are now all that remain in this decaying suburbia. With no more humans to devour, what better way to enjoy these empty spaces than to throw a ZOMBIE PARTY!


Zombie parties are the easiest way to throw an impromptu Halloween party. The decorations are easy, in fact, you don't really have to decorate at all. (But it's a lot more fun if you do!) Keep reading for more on how to throw an amazing zombie party with decorations, zombie-themed food, and easy zombie make up for under $40!

+ zombie party decorations

Zombie party decorations are the EASIEST! You just have to make your house look wrecked and messy. (Gee, that's not hard to do!) You want your house to look like it was quickly abandoned.. For this you can do as little as turning over some chairs or as elaborate as actually boarding up your house.. It's up to you, be creative! (note: we are not liable for any damage you might do boarding up your windows :P) Here are a few suggestions that I did for my zombie party last year:

FAKE BOARDSThe last, uninfected humans used boards on their windows to keep the zombies OUT! Our fake boards give our party the same look and feel.

For our fake boards, we used recycled cardboard boxes from our local grocery store.

  • Cut the cardboard into 1½' strips about 4" wider than your windows
  • Draw on them with markers, like so:
  • Attach the boards to your windows with masking tape. (Be careful not to use tape that might hurt your window frame or wall.)

For curtains – I have long curtains that I really didn't want to take down and put back up, (lots of windows and I'm short!) I taped safety pins to the back of my 'boards' and just pinned them to my curtains.

Other Places: Don't forget to board up other places that zombies might enter. I also boarded up my fireplace!

COBWEBS: Your house has been abandoned for a while, there are cobwebs all over.

You can find fake cobwebs at almost any store that sells cheap Halloween decorations. String your cobwebs up all over your house, or at least anywhere your guests might enter.

FACE MASKS: The last humans would have tried to protect themselves from the z-day infection with face masks.

I figured whoever lived here, I bought a package of face masks from my local hardware store and placed them around my house. I have a few busts that decorated with face masks as well.

WARNING SIGNS: No doubt there would be signs warning of the zombies.

Out of the same cardboard used to make the fake window boards, I made warning signs: Quarantined! Beware! Zombies! Infected! Captured! …you get the idea.

+ zombie party food ideas

For the best zombie party food, just think, "If I were a zombie, what would I eat?" This might bring to mind things like, brains, fingers, toes, eyes. Well, now think of creative ways to recreate them in food!

EYE BALL & BODY PARTS PUNCH – Make your favorite red punch and float gummy eyeballs and body parts in it. (Add rum to make it even better — adult zombie party!)

LADIES FINGERS – Carrots, String Cheesesticks, Cream Cheese, Green Peppers.

  • Use carrots and string cheesesticks as fingers.
  • Carve little lines in the center of your fingers for the knuckles.
  • Cut a small notch in the end for the fingernail bed.
  • Use cream cheese as 'glue'.
  • Cut green pepper into a  fingernail and stick to the cream cheese.

GLOOMY DIP – Gray is always a gloomy, moldy color. Add a few drops of black food coloring to the ranch dip in a vegetable tray to make a very gloomy, yet delicious dip.

GUACAMOLE – Make regular guacamole dip, it's gross enough.

BRAINS JELLO – There are lots of unique jello molds out there just perfect for a zombie party! Check out this brain jello mold from Think Geek. You can make your jello opaque by using a little condensed milk or cornstarch. Use unflavored gelatin for pure white! Add fresh fruits like strawberries, cherries and grapes to make something horrible, yet delicious and healthy.


Your Zombie Party Food Table

  • Table Cloth – Sheet with fake blood stains
  • Table Accents – Plastic mice, spiders and gummy worms and bugs
  • Lighting – Lots and lots of candles! Find old candelabras at thrift stores and burn a few cheap candles before your party to add lots of melted wax.

If you want to skip the work of making party food, call your local caterer and ask if they will create a unique zombie party menu for your part!

+ zombie makeup how-to

Probably the easiest Halloween costume to create is a zombie costume. You can wear your day-to-day clothes and just add blood to them. Fake cuts, bruises and bites are easy too!

Zombie Makeup How-to

  • Use dark eyeshadow to create bruises. Blend together a mixture of black, gray, purple, and green, if possible, for an authentic look.
  • Use ladies blush to create red  areas around your bruises, also around your eyes.

For Cuts & Gashes

  • Paint a layer of white glue on the area you want to make a gash.
  • Stick tiny pieces of torn toilet paper to the glue
  • Paint another layer of glue on top of the toilet paper.
  • Continue adding layers of toilet paper pieces and glue until it's about 3-5 layers thick, depending on the size.
  • Before the last few layers dry completely tear a tiny gash into the middle. Be careful not to tear all the way threw.
  • Paint the wound with fake blood.
  • Paint the outside edges with makeup and bruises.
  • Pour extra fake blood into the center of your wound and let it drip down for an authentic zombie look.

+ zombie party under $40!

So lets recap:

Zombie Party Decorations:

Recycled cardboard – free
Cobwebs – $1.00
Facemasks – $2.00
Glue & Toilet Paper – free (Hopefully you have this at home.)
Makeup: Eyeshadow/Blsuh – free (Should either have these at home, or you could probably borrow them from mom or a friend.)
Food – $37 budget

Not too bad! Zombie parties are GREAT way to get friends together for a night of ghoulish fun. Your zombie party doesn't have to be on Halloween, you can throw a party anytime!